How to Hack Someone’s Facebook: Gain access to Facebook in no time!

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Everybody is on social media nowadays and there is no dispute that Facebook ranks the one that started the craze. There are 2.3 billion Facebook users in the world and this is higher than any other social media platforms. With the good things that Facebook has brought us, it also has its dark side.

Sometimes, you might suspect the ones close to you doing not so right things on Facebook. This makes to want to spy on their Facebook account using a Facebook hacker app. However, this is easier said than done because there aren’t many reliable ways you can hack someone’s Facebook account.

In this guide, let us help you how to hack someone’s Facebook without getting into trouble.

Part 1: Why Hack Someone’s Facebook

Printing into someone else’s life as we know it is a very immoral thing to do. However, sometimes a little intervention can help a very dear person in our life. It may be our spouses, kids or friends, and preventing them from making mistakes online is a part of our care towards them.

When you hack their Facebook inbox, you will know their plans and schemes. Parents might be suspecting their child of something mischievous that they are hiding. However, with a Facebook hack app, the parents can monitor their kid’s online behavior without them knowing.

This certainly has numerous benefits as it helps the parents to prevent something from adverse life choices and conditions.

Trust is the foundation of any relationship, however, the allure of the world around us can really shake this foundation. Hence, we see many relationships breaking due to the mistakes committed by the parties involved. These mistakes could have been prevented if the other had intervened at the right time.

By hacking your loved one’s Facebook messenger, you can keep them in the right path, and build a strong relationship together.

Do you think your friend might be in trouble and they are hiding something in their Facebook messenger? then having access to their Facebook messenger will help you to prevent something happening to them. Naturally, they won’t give you access willingly if they have something to hide, however, with a messenger hack app, accessing their messages is easy.

Preventing something dreadful from happening is better than doing damage control afterward.

Part 2: How to hack Facebook with password

Facebook can be hacked either to have direct access to the messenger or you can get the user’s password and then use it to log in to the account.

Out of these two approaches, the experienced hacker goes for the first option where they do something to gain the password of the account and then use that password to access the account.

In this section, we are going to discuss the various methods in which you can use to get the Facebook passwords of the user.

2.1 How to gain Facebook password using Phishing

This is one among the most popular methods used by expert hackers to get the password of Facebook users. Also, this is a method that is quite hard to do for regular users. The way it works is simple, the hacker will create a fake Facebook login page and then mail it to the target.

The target will not be able to realize that this is a fake Facebook login page unless they are really looking for minor details. Hence, most probably, they will end up using their Facebook credentials to log in. The result is that the hacker will now have the account details which they can use to infiltrate the account.

Step 1: Buy a domain and the host it with a name similar to that of Facebook. For example,, or

Step 2: Go to and then right-click anywhere on the page.


Step 3: On the right click options, click on View Page Source. A box will appear that is filled with code. Copy paste everything to a new notepad file.


Step 4: Save the file with encoding as Unicode and give the name index.html for the file.


Step 5: Create a PHP file for receiving the password. Copy paste the text below and save it in a new notepad file with the name post.php


Step 6: Incorporate the PHP file into the Index file. you can see how to do so here and now you can host the webpage.

Step 7: Send an email carrying the link to the person’s Facebook account whom you want to hack.

Now once they click the link, their web browser will take them to the fake Facebook page that you have created. Once they enter in their credentials, it will be stored in the txt file that you can later use to access their account. the method is simple in explanation but requires you to do delve into the world of coding a bit.

Before you try this method, keep in mind the fact that phishing is considered a crime in many parts of the world. So based on your location, you can be charged if you are caught. So it’s up to you to determine whether the risk is worth the reward.

2.2 Extracting password using Keylogging software

Using keylogging software to hack one’s Facebook account is again one of the most popular methods used for fetching the password of the user. Basically, a Keylogger works by storing the keystrokes that have been made by the user.

By successfully copying all the keystrokes, you can reconstruct the alphanumerical values to get the password and email ID.

There are two types of Keyloggers – Software Keyloggers and Hardware Keyloggers.

The software keylogger can be installed on the target computer. The software will then run in the background, carefully monitoring the keystrokes made by the user. It keeps relaying the keystrokes to the monitoring computer via the internet.

Hardware keyloggers are hardware devices that plug into the target device. The advantage of hacking Facebook using hardware keylogger is that you don’t have to install any software on the target device.


The clear downside is that the hardware can be seen by the person if it’s in a place where it could be easily noticed. So the other person is using a device like a laptop where they have easy access to the USB ports, this method is very counter-intuitive.

Also, another thing you have to keep in mind is that only the registered version of the keylogger software can be used in the background. If you are installing a demo version, messages will pop up that will let the other person know they are being monitored.

2.3 Reset password by using email account

This method will help you get the other person’s Facebook password without having to use any other software or external apparatus.

However, there is a catch, you will need to know their email ID and password first.

If you do know these two pieces of information, then the rest is easy. You can make send the password of the Facebook account that you are trying to hack to the email ID. Then from the email ID, you can reset the account with a new password. Follow the steps given below to know how you can reset Facebook password with email ID.

Step 1: Go the official Facebook login page.


Step 2: Under the text input box for the password, click on the option Forgot Password?


Step 3: Now enter the email ID of this Facebook account and click on Search. Once your account is shown, conform is so that a link for password reset will be sent to that email address. Click on the link to change your Facebook password and set a new one.


After you use this method, the original owner of the account will not be able to access it. this will let them know that there is something fishy going on and tip them off that someone has used their Facebook account without them knowing. So this might rebound and have fingers pointing at you.

2.4 Man in the Middle Attack


The Man In The Middle attack is a Facebook account hack that puts the hacker between the user and the web server. So when the user sends out information to the web server, the hacker can intercept the information. And in doing so, they will be able to attain password info and other sensitive information that the user enters into the Facebook window.

In Man in the Middle Attack, both the web server and the user will not be able to know that a middle person is eavesdropping on their conversion. Even though this method seems like a very simple one, it is one of the hardest to orchestrate.

First of all, unlike the other methods that we discussed, coding isn’t an option here, but a necessity. So for a large portion of the user base, this form of Facebook hack is not possible.

Part 3. How to hack massager without password

The topics that we have discussed earlier talks about how to hack someone’s Facebook account by getting hold of their passwords. However, the methods are certainly not on the easy side.

But this method that we are going to discuss now is something that you can do easily. There is no coding involved no do you have to bother with any hardware complication. Hence, we are not going to be concerned with attaining passwords as the following software will help you hack FB messenger without a password.

3.1 Hack Someone’s Facebook Messenger with Spyzie: Easiest method!!!


Spyzie is a powerful spy software that lets users access digital information on another person’s device. So you can hack someone’s messenger using Spyzie and have the detail of it in real time.

The major advantage of the software is that you don’t have to know the password of the Facebook account that you want to track. Once you setup Spyzie, the software will run in the background, collecting information and sending it back to your monitoring device.

Spyzie is more than just your average spy app that promises a mountain but delivers not a gram’s worth of results. The many features of Spyzie speak for itself.

  • Supports multiple social media apps: Spyzie supports messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. out of the box.
  • 30 different features: Spyzie comes loaded with 30 different features that come to use in various scenarios.
  • Silent operation: You don’t want your spy app to display notifications on the target device, Spyzie is silent throughout the process.
  • No root or jailbreak required: Rooting or jailbreaking in most cases results in a void warranty. Spyzie doesn’t ask you to do them on your devices.
  • The trust of more than a million: Spyzie downloads have gone beyond the 1 million mark and it’s still gaining the ranks!

Now an app that houses these many features is bound to be hard to operate, but Spyzie again surprises us as it is very easy to use even for a beginner. You can see it for yourself when you review the setup process explained below.

Step 1: Create an account with Spyzie. You can register through the official website or the monitoring app.

Free Trail NowAndroid Free Trail NowiOS

Step 2: Fill in the necessary details for the app.


Step 3: Configure the target device to install Spyzie (Android) or register Spyzie(iOS).


Step 4: Once the setup process is over, sign in into the app using your credentials.

Step 5: In the app, browse through the left panel Social Media>Facebook Messenger


And now you will be able to monitor Facebook messenger on the target device through your monitoring dashboard.

The only catch with Spyzie is that you need to have access to the target device so that you can set up the software. Once that process is completed, you can be monitoring the device without having to touch the target device again.

This surely is one among the best, if not the best messenger hacker software that you get. Now you know the easy way you can track someone on Facebook.

3.2 Spyfone: Another great alternative


Spyfone is another software that lets you hack some’s Facebook without having to know their password in advance. The software also has a host of features that are very useful to track a person and their digital signature. The many features of Spyfone include:

GPS tracking: Track a person’s position on the map.

Media files monitoring: Helps you to view the photos and videos on target phones.

App block: Helps you to block apps on the target device.

Email Monitoring: Track the emails being received and sent on the target device.

Robust customer support: Have any doubts? Spyfone has a great customer care service to back up their customer relations.

The installation process of Spyfone is also fairly straightforward. It basically consists of three steps.


Step 1: Buy SpyFone software on a plan that meets your requirements

Step 2: Download and install the tracking software on the target device

Step 3: Sign in both the target and monitoring devices.

And now you can use monitor the device using either the Spyfone App or their online dashboard. Either way, you can now see all the Facebook messages from the messenger app.


We have discussed several ways in which you can hack someone’s Facebook account. Surely, the level of difficulty ranges from one method to another, and it’s up to choose which one suits your requirements best.

If you are looking for the easiest of the bunch, then Spyzie takes the crown as it is easy to use and gives you the results that you are looking for. If you need to get hold of their passwords, then the first few methods are your best bet.

Either way, we hope this article helped you in keeping your loved ones or yourself safe!


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