13 Snapchat Hacks You Shouldn’t Ignore

Get to know about some of the best Snapchat hacks in this post. From unlimited Snapchat text to Snapchat timer hack, we have listed many Snapchat tips and trick8 min

Are you an active Snapchat user who wants to impress your friends or wants to have a true experience of the app?

Well, if you are also looking for some interesting Snapchat hacks, then you have come to the right place. Snapchat is one of the most popular and growing social apps of the present time that works on leading Android and iOS devices. Though, a lot of people are still not aware of the wide range of features that Snapchat offers. For instance, do you know how to replay a snap or insert unlimited Snapchat text? Read on and get to know about some of these amazing Snapchat hacks that would certainly level-up your social media game!

Snapchat Hacks #1: Replay Snaps

This is something that almost every first-time Snapchat user asks. When we view a snap (photos or a mini clip), it automatically gets wiped off from the thread. The good news is that Snapchat allows us to replay snaps once. Though, when you would do it, the other user will know that their snap has been replayed. Here’s how to replay a snap easily without using any third-party app.

After when a snap is played once, its icon will be changed from a filled to a hollow square. Now, you can just tap and hold the snap on the thread to play it again.

Snapchat will let you know that you can only replay snaps once. Agree to it and tap on the “Replay” button to view the snap one more time.

That’s it! After replaying a snap, it will be deleted from the thread and you can’t access it (unless you have saved the snap on the thread with the hold-and-swipe method).

Snapchat Hacks #2: Apply Multiple Filters

You might already know that Snapchat lets us apply all kinds of filters on a snap before posting it. Though, if you want, you can also apply multiple filters on a single snap as well. With this Snapchat filters hack, you can apply gradients, AI filters, geofilters, etc. at the same time.

Once you take a snap, just swipe left or right to access all kinds of filters and select any filter of your choice. Now, use your finger and press it on the screen to hold the filter. Afterward, use the other hand to keep swiping more filters while still holding the first one. In this way, you can apply as many filters as you want and be more creative on Snapchat.

Snapchat Hacks #3: Design your own Geofilters

Yes – you have read it right. Snapchat also allows us to create unique geofilters for a specific duration. It is a paid feature that is mostly used to promote certain events on Snapchat. To learn how to create your own geofilters on Snapchat, you can follow these basic steps.

1.Launch the app on your Android or iPhone and go to your profile. Tap on the gear icon at the top to visit its Settings > Filters & Lens.

2.If you have an Android device, then you need to visit the “On-demand Geofilters” option instead.

3.This will open a dedicated interface to design custom filters and lens. Just tap on any option of your choice to continue.

4.Let’s suppose you wish to create custom filters. From here, you can just browse different occasions and the wide range of filters hosted by Snapchat. If you want, you can upload custom filters to Snapchat as well.

5.After creating a new filter, you can just select the duration (start and end time) for the filter to be active on the app.

6.As you would continue, you will get a map-like interface that would let you select a location to implement the filter. You can drop a pin or look for the location from the search bar.

7.That’s it! Now give the filter a name and submit it for review on Snapchat. Once the filter is approved, you would have to pay for it to be active on Snapchat for others to use.

Snapchat Hacks #4: Make Huge Emojis

Just like Instagram stories, Snapchat also supports so many emojis that you can include in your snaps. Not just that, you can also resize emojis and make them huge (which is an ongoing trend on social media). To do this, just take any snap and tap on the icon at the top to insert emojis. Select any emoji of your choice and drag it on the screen to place it correctly. Now, just hold the emoji and stretch it from its sides to make it big.

Snapchat Hacks #5: Try 3-Way Face Swap

Out of all the face filters that Snapchat supports, face swap and dog filter and probably the two most famous ones. Lately, there was a 3-way face swap challenge that was making waves on social media. The thing is that you can try the 3-way face swap the same way that you do with two people. Simply open Snapchat and get its front facing camera. Tap the screen and hold your finger on your face for Snapchat to analyze it and display all the filters.

Now, simply swipe and select the face swap filter from here and make sure that there are three still faces on the screen. This will automatically swap the faces of all three people and you can click it by tapping on the snap icon. As of now, Snapchat only allows a maximum of three people for the face swap filter.

Snapchat Hacks #6: Use External Lenses

Just like geofilters, users can also create custom lenses on Snapchat as well. To do this, you go to your Profile > Settings > Filters & Lens. From here, tap on the “Lens” option and explore the wide range of custom lens available on Snapchat. You can even create your own lens here as well.

Snapchat also encourages its users to create new lenses. To do this, you can download Lens Studio by Snapchat. It features all kinds of features that would let you come up with your own lens in no time. Later, you can just import these lenses to Snapchat from its Filters & Lens settings.

Snapchat Hacks #7: Write a Paragraph (or Poems) with Notes

When Snapchat was first released, it only allowed us to write a single sentence for the snap, which is now increased to two. Though, there are still some Snapchat hacks that would let you write paragraphs on your snap too. Instead of writing on Snapchat directly, open the Notes app on your phone and write things there. Now, copy the text from the notes app, click a new snap, and just paste it on Snapchat.

This will mostly work and would even retain emojis and special characters in your text as well.

Snapchat Hacks #8: Unlock Hidden Colors

This is one of those Snapchat hacks that would make your snaps more colorful and unique. A lot of people make interesting doodles and write all kinds of things to make their snaps look cool. Instead of the standard colors, you can try some hidden and in-between colors as well.

Once you take a snap, tap on the pencil icon at the top to draw something. Here, you can access an extensive palette of colors to pick from. Instead of primary colors, pick something from between or use a transparent color from the corner. You can also change its intensity and size of the drawing tool as well.

Snapchat Hacks #9: Use Stylus to Draw Any Design

A lot of people use Snapchat for doodling since the feature is so prominent on the app. If your phone has a stylus, then you can even take its assistance to come up with intricate patterns and designs. All you got to do is tap on the pencil icon on a snap interface and pick a color. Also, select the size of the drawing tool and start making doodles, patterns, or anything you like!

Snapchat Hacks #10: Edit Photos before Uploading

Since Snapchat’s camera has so many features, a lot of people use it to take their photos and save it on their phone. Not just that, you can also use Snapchat to edit photos on the app before uploading it. Once you take the snap, just tap at the bottom of the screen and swipe up to get the “Edit & Send” option. This will give you some basic editing features that you can apply on a snap before posting it as your story or sending it to your contacts.

Snapchat Hacks #11: Switch Camera Mid-video with Ease

While your phone’s native camera might not have this feature, you can use social apps like Instagram or Snapchat to switch cameras while recording a video. You don’t even need to visit the Snapchat video settings for this as it is a default feature of the app. Just tap and hold the Snap button at the button to start recording a video. Now, with your other hand, double tap anywhere on the screen to flip its camera while recording the video.

That’s it! Once the video is recorded, you can save it by tapping on the download icon at the bottom of the screen.

Snapchat Hacks #12: Enable Front Flash while Taking Snaps

One of the best things about Snapchat is that it lets us take amazing selfies even on a standard phone. Yes – even if your phone does not have a front flash, you can use these Snapchat hacks to get a pseudo front flash feature. For this, just go to your Snapchat Settings > Manage and turn on the “Front-facing Flash” option. In some phones (app versions), it is listed under Settings > Additional Settings.

Later, you will get the flash option on the screen that you can use while taking selfies. It will put your phone’s screen to maximum brightness and displays a white screen that would act as a pseudo front flash for a second to bright-up your face.

Snapchat Hacks #13: Search for Songs on Snapchat

This is one of the best Snapchat hacks that would come handy to you for sure. Last week, I was sitting in a café and a song was playing in the background that I wanted to check. I used this Snapchat feature to identify it instantly and so can you! When a song is already playing, launch Snapchat, and hold the screen (instead of taking a snap).

Snapchat has included a feature of Shazam that would listen to the song playing in the background and will let you know about it. From here, you can get the song info and even listen to its preview.

Bonus Tips: Shop Like a Pro!

This is the newly added feature in Snapchat that would be a treat to the shopper in you. Found something interesting and wants to know more about it? Just open Snapchat and hold your finger on the object. This will let Snapchat analyze the object with its AI features and will provide the link of online stores for you to buy that item.

Now when you know about some of the best Snapchat hacks, you can certainly make the most of this amazing app. Apart from these hacks, there are tons of other features in Snapchat that you would love to explore as well. Go ahead and try some of these Snapchat hacks or feel free to explore the app on your own to discover its latest features. If you want to share any other Snapchat tips and tricks with us and our readers, then let us know about it in the comments below!


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