Facebook Location Tracker: The Ultimate Guide on how to track someone’s location on Facebook

If you are looking for ways to find someone's location on Facebook, then you are in the right place! In this guide, we will be going to teach you real and working methods that will help you track someone’s Facebook location9 min

We all had that urge to know where our friends precisely are when they update themselves on Facebook. Even though our concerns are about them faking their adventures, there is a real need for such a thing when it comes to parents.

Every parent is protective about their children, however, the modern world is expanding the list of things to worry as a parent very quickly. A Facebook location tracker is one of their dream come true moment because now they can know where their kids are at any given moment.

If you are looking for ways to find someone’s location on Facebook, then you are in the right place! In this guide, we will be going to teach you real and working methods that will help you track someone’s Facebook location.

Part 1: Track Friends’ Precise Location Through Their Phones by Facebook

Facebook themselves provide a feature where users can share their locations with each other using something called “Nearby friends”. Basically, Nearby Friends allows the users to give their real-time location updates to their friends.

Hence the user’s location will be visible to the friend and the location gets updated in real time so that the friends will be able to know if the other person is moving. The feature is available on both Android and iOS devices through the official Facebook App.

Follow the steps below to enable Nearby Friends on your device.

Step 1: Open the Facebook App on your device.


Step 2: Click on the hamburger menu on the top right corner to bring up the menu.


Step 3: Among the list of options, click on Nearby Friends.


Step 4: Browse through the guide from Facebook on Nearby friends feature.


Step 5: A list of your friends will be shown accompanied by a compass symbol. Tap the compass symbol to share your location with them.


Step 6: Once you have shared your location with your friends, they will be able to see you on the map.


The disadvantage of this method is that only the user can decide whether their location is to be shared with their friends, Hence, if you want to know the location of your friend, you only have two options. Either you have to ask them to enable Nearby Friends on their device, or you will have to gain access to your friend’s device and set it yourself. Some of you might not want to accept these two options as it is risky. Let’s have a look at the next solution to see if it gives us more options.

Part 2: Facebook Messenger’s Live Location helps you track friends

The Live Location feature embedded in Facebook Messenger is a new addition to the app. Previously, WhatsApp offered the feature and now it has hit Facebook’s native apps too!

Much like WhatsApp, Facebook’s Live Location gives the user the option to share their live location info to their friend so that it may help the other person track them in real time. The software will use the inbuilt GPS in your smartphone to relay positional information to your friend.

Step 1: Open the chat of the person to whom you want to share your location.


Step 2: Tap on the compass icon that is present in the lower tab of the chat.


Step 3: This will bring up the introduction window for Live Location. Tap OK.


Step 4: Messenger will ask your permission to access your location info. Tap Allow to continue.


Step 5: You will be shown your location on the map. On the bottom part of the window, tap on the option “Share Live Location”.


Step 6: Once you tap the option, your location will be sent to the other person within the chat window.


Even though this method helps you to share your location to your friend and vice versa, you cannot know your friend’s location without them sharing it.

Note: There is a time limit on live location sharing as each share let you track the other person’s location for only a total of 60 minutes. After the time limit is up, live tracking will expire.

There are three distinct disadvantages to the first method of using Facebook app location tracking and this method, Facebook Messenger location tracking,

  1. You cannot spy on their Facebook location without them knowing
  2. You will have to gain access to their device every time you want to know their location
  3. Location tracking has a time limit

However, the next method that we are going to introduce lets you track a person’s Facebook location without such disadvantages.

Part 3: 100% workable Facebook location tracking app via Spyzie

Spyzie is an app that does what it says, it lets you spy on a device and helps you gain access to its location, data, and other info. Spyzie has been developed as a software option that gives a peace of mind to the parents, imparts trust in couples and keeps friends connected and safe!

Unlike the previously discussed methods, Spyzie doesn’t require you to access your friend’s device nor does it have a time limit on tracking. With just a onetime configuration, you can use Spyzie to know your friend’s location. Bottom line, the best Facebook user location tracker software you can get!

Awesome features of Spyzie Facebook user location tracker software

In this guide we will be emphasizing on Spyzie’s location tracking capabilities, however, this review demands a proper evaluation of its other features because it has an array useful functions within it.

With Spyzie you can tack:

  • Location of the target device
  • Phone Calls and Messages
  • Social media messages
  • Internal files and data
  • Internet history

Additional features:

  • Helps parents to block certain apps on their kid’s phone
  • Provides the options to restrict mobile usage after a set time
  • Allows tracking based on WiFi hotspots
  • Geofencing capability with GPS tracking
  • Helps the user monitor deleted emails, messages, phone logs, etc.

No other apps give you this much freedom when it comes to tracking another person’s data. this is also the reason why Spyzie has surpassed the 1 million downloads mark quite quickly.

When you are a worried parent or spouse, each second can feel like a grueling hour, With Spyzie, you can relax and have a peace of mind because everything you want to know is just a few taps away!

How to stalk someone on Facebook via Spyzie

You will be relieved to know that even for an app that has tons of features, Spyzie is incredibly easy to use. we have provided a detailed guide that you can follow to enable Facebook location tracking on your friend’s device. Make sure to follow the steps correctly.

Step 1: Create an account with below button.

Free Trail NowAndroid Free Trail NowiOS


Step 2: After successful registration, you will be redirected to the setup process. Complete the steps mentioned in the setup process.


Step 3: Android users will have to download a monitoring app in the target device. iOS users are not required to do the same, however, they must verify the account on the target device.


Step 4: You can monitor the target device either through the official Spyzie app or through the official website.


Step 5: Open the Spyzie App on your mobile device. On the left side panel, tap the option Social Apps. A drop-down menu will appear on which you need to select the option Messenger.


Now you can directly track their messages, location, and other Facebook info through the monitoring app. All the functionalities available on the Spyzie monitoring app is also available to use in the official website dashboard.

It is safe to say that you can end your search for the perfect Facebook location tracker because Spyzie certainly checks all the right boxes. The problem with many Facebook location tracking apps is that they are not very silent in their operation. Long story short, the target device users will certainly know something is fishy about their device and finds the monitoring app. Spyzie works so silently that it is nearly impossible to know that there is a monitoring app working behind the blinds. Hence, you can go with this app with confidence.

Ensure that your loved ones stay safe with Spyzie!

Part 4. Tracking Tips to keep you safe

Even though tracking your friends’ and family’s location keeps you posted on their whereabouts, helping you ensure that are in the safe, there are people who might exploit the technology. Like any advancement in technology, tracking can be used for making the world a better place, and there will be always twisted people trying to take advantage of the technology to do heinous things.

You can escape their clutches by taking certain precautions. Since the choice of device that crooks use for location tracking is the smartphone, we will help you hide your location from them.

Turn off location

The easiest and effective method of saving yourself from prying eyes is to disable location in your Android or iOS device. The setting can be either found in the quick menu or in the settings menu on your phone.

Find your phone’s location setting here;

iPhone: Open Settings → Privacy → Location services

Android: Settings → Security & Location → Location

Disable location tracking on Google

Even though you have disabled location, apps can still track you using geofencing or through WiFi Hotspot triangulation. Google allows you to disable such tracking by disabling a setting which is quite hard to find if you aren’t looking specifically for it. Sign in to your Google account, navigate to Personal Info & Privacy → My activity → Activity Controls. In this page, you can see an option called Web & App Activity, which will be toggled ON by default and you need to set it to OFF.

Restrict Apps that use location

There is a setting on the smartphones that you use to prevent apps from using the location specifically. So if you need some of your apps to use your location and doesn’t want other apps to have the same freedom, you can do so from the settings.

Android:  Settings → Apps & notifications → Advanced → App permissions → Location

iPhone: Open Settings → Privacy → Location services

In the iPhone, you will see the list of apps in the location services under the location setting.

Check for Spy apps

If you think your phone has a monitoring app within it, you can check for the same within the application list. In the application list, check for applications that you have no recollection of installing. If you have found the culprit app, uninstall it to remove the app from your phone.

Factory reset

If you are sure that your device is being tracked but cannot find any app or service that is causing it, then the only way to stop it is to do a hard reset. It will cause you to lose all your apps, but that also means that malicious apps or services will be also flushed out. Consider this measure as the last straw.

Part 5. How to disable location sharing on Facebook Messenger?

If you do not want anyone to track your location through Facebook Messenger app, you can do the same through your Facebook account settings. This will prevent the app from collecting your data and sharing the same to your friends. We have given guides on disabling location sharing on Facebook messenger for both Android and iOS devices.

iPhone settings

For disabling location in Facebook Messenger, you will have to do it from the phone’s settings menu. Navigate to Settings → Privacy → Location services and you will find a list of apps mentioned in the location services menu. In the app list, you need to toggle Location OFF for Facebook and Messenger.


Android Settings

In Android, the location services for the Messenger can be disabled within the app itself. You can also go to settings and disable it from the app list. However, the easiest method is as follows.

Open the Facebook messenger app and click on the Gear icon. Now you will have access to the app settings. Navigate through the settings until you see the Location option. By default, it would be turned ON, you need to disable it by tapping the check mark.



We have gone through different ways in which you can find someone’s location on Facebook, and the easiest and intuitive of the bunch certainly comes out to be Spyzie. You can always use any Facebook user location tracker software of your choice, but make sure the app you choose is reliable. Keep your loved ones safe and nearby monitoring their location. In this work of uncertainty, every step counts!


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