mSpy Review for iPhone and Android: Things to Know about This Reliable Phone Monitor

Are you looking for a reliable monitor app for an Android device or iPhone? Read on our extensive mSpy review and learn how does mSpy work in a stepwise manner.7 min

“Can someone tell me about a genuine experience of the mSpy software? I have heard a lot about mSpy APK, but I can’t seem to know if it is worth it or not!”

This is a query posted by a curious parent on a leading online forum, who was looking for a reliable phone monitoring app. Well, when we talk about smartphone trackers, mSpy is one of the first names that come to our mind. A while back, I was looking for a similar solution and thought of trying mSpy as well. After using it for over a month, I finally decided to write this in-depth mSpy review. If you are also not sure how does mSpy work, then read on as this post will clear all your queries about this mobile tracker.

Part 1: What is mSpy and How Does it Work?

To start our detailed mSpy review, let’s learn about its functioning at first. Mostly, the mSpy tracking tool runs on leading iOS and Android models. Once you have installed the tracker on the target phone, it would keep running in the background invisibly. The application would upload all the vital details of the device to its cloud that you can access later on by visiting your dashboard.

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  • Since the application runs in a stealth mode, the targeted user won’t know that you are tracking them.
  • It supports both standard as well as jailbroken/rooted devices. Needless to say, the features for the rooted or jailbroken phones are better than the standard ones.
  • The overall interface is available in different languages and each purchase comes with dedicated customer support.
  • As of now, it supports devices running on Android 4.0+ and iOS 7.0+
  • Users can go to its website and buy a chosen subscription for the duration and the device type. The mSpy price for the basic subscription is $29.99 a month.

Part 2: What are the Major mSpy Features?

From keeping an eye on the device’s real-time location to tracking all the call logs, the mSpy iPhone or Android app has so many features. To continue our mSpy review, let’s have a look at some of these prominent device tracking features.

  • Manage Calls Remotely

Once you have installed mSpy on the target device, you can remotely view its call logs. Get details about all the incoming and outgoing calls with their contact details and timestamps. You can also block unwanted callers from its dashboard.

  • Track Text Messages

Without letting the other user know, you can remotely read all the exchanged text messages. You can know the contact details and the timestamp of every sent/received message. It records all the messages, even when they are deleted by the user later on.

  • Monitor WhatsApp Conversations

With mSpy WhatsApp tracker, you can view their sent and received texts remotely. Apart from messages, you can also view the exchanged attachments and their contact details.

  • Spy on Facebook Messenger

Also, mSpy premium APK supports the tracking of other apps like Instagram and Facebook Messenger. You can view with whom the user chats on Messenger, read their messages, monitor the exchanged media files, and more.

  • Read iMessages

If you use mSpy on iPhone, then you can even read the messages that are exchanged via the iMessage app. This would include all the sent/received messages with their contact details and timestamps.

  • Monitor Skype Chats

Another application that the mSpy online tracker supports is Skype. This means, you can remotely view all the messages exchanged on Skype with their timestamp and contact details. Not just that, you can also view their Skype call logs with other details too.

  • Live Location Tracking

If you are concerned about the whereabouts of your kids, then you can use the mSpy free trial. You can extract information related to their live location as well as the past location records. You can also set geofences and get instant alerts whenever they would leave or enter the restricted area.

  • Monitor Internet Activity

The mSpy Android or iPhone app will let you spy on their internet activities of all kinds. This includes their browsing history, their favorite websites, bookmarks, and more. If you want, you can even set keyword alerts or block websites on their device remotely.

  • Detailed Wifilogger

Also, mSpy for Android/iPhone will maintain a detailed list of all the WiFi networks the device has accessed. This will further let you examine their connections and you can know details about their location as well.

  • View and Download Photos

Without letting the user know, you can view their saved media files like their photos and videos (camera roll as well as app photos). If you want, you can even download their photos on your device.

  • Access Calendar

By accessing their calendar remotely, you can know about their events, meetings, and what they have planned. The mSpy tracker will let you know their detailed calendar entry without being detected.

  • Control Apps and Programs

Lastly, you can also visit its Control Panel to get extensive daily reports regarding the device usage. If you want, you can set restrictions related to the app usage on the device. Furthermore, mSpy will even send alerts for app un-installation as well.


Part 3: How to Monitor Android Phones using mSpy without Rooting?

As you can see, mSpy is fully compatible with all the major Android models. If you want, you can use it on a standard as well as a rooted Android phone, according to your preference. After reading our quick mSpy review, let’s proceed and learn how does mSpy work on an Android phone.

Step 1: Get an mSpy subscription

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To start with, just go to the official website of mSpy and buy an active subscription for an Android device. You can select “Android” as the target device and complete your purchase. mspy

Step 2: Install the mSpy tracker

Once that is done, just access the target Android device and go to its Settings > Security. From here, you have to turn on the option to enable the app download permissions from unknown sources. This won’t harm your device, it will only make it possible for you to download apps from places other than the Play Store. install-mspy Afterward, you can again go to the website of mSpy and download the mSpy APK on your device. When the mSpy Android app would be launched, log-in to your account, and enter a one-time generated code for authentication. You have to grant the mSpy Android app the needed permissions to monitor the device invisibly. mspy-permissions

Step 3: Start tracking the phone remotely

That’s it! After completing the mSpy for Android installation successfully, you can go to your Control Panel on any device. From the dashboard, you can obtain a wide range of features about the target device without letting them know. mSpy

Part 4: How to Track iPhone without Jailbreak?

Just like Android, you can use mSpy iPhone solution as well to track the device. Presently, mSpy is available for both standard as well as jailbroken devices. Since a lot of users don’t like to jailbreak their devices, let’s consider how to use mSpy iPhone for non-jailbroken phones. Though, you should know that the features for the jailbroken version are more extensive than the standard one.

Step 1: Enable iCloud backup and sync

Before you proceed, make sure that all the important data on the device is linked to your iCloud. Go to your iPhone’s iCloud settings and turn on the iCloud Backup option at first. You can also sync all the important apps to your iCloud account from here.


Step 2: Link your iCloud to mSpy

Now, go to the official website of mSpy and get a relevant active subscription. Just make sure that you have selected the “non-jailbroken” version here.


Afterward, the interface will ask you to log-in to the iCloud account that is already linked to the target device. Simply enter the right iCloud credentials and let the application access your backup.


Step 3: Start tracking their iPhone

There you go! You can now go to the Control Panel of your mSpy account and remotely access all the vital details of the device.


Part 5: FAQs about mSpy

To conclude our mSpy review, let’s have a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about it.

  • Is mSpy available for free?

No, mSpy only has a free demo that you can access from its website. To use it, you need to get an active subscription that would cost depending on the plan of your choice.

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  • Is my phone compatible with mSpy?

Ideally, mSpy is compatible with most of the smartphones out there. It runs smoothly on phones with Android 4.0+, the jailbroken version works on iOS 8.4 and iOS 9.0-9.1 whereas the non-jailbroken version is compatible with iOS 7+.

  • Can I track multiple phones using mSpy?

Yes, you can track multiple phones in one place using mSpy. Just be sure that you get the relevant subscription that would support multiple device trackers.

  • Will the other user know that I’m tracking them?

Since mSpy runs on a stealth mode, the targeted user should not know that you are tracking them. Although, there is no guarantee for the same.

  • Is it legal to use mSpy?

The legality of a device tracker would largely depend on your location and the device ownership. To prevent any legal complication, try to install the app on a phone that is owned by you or get written permission from the device owner about trackers.

This brings us to the end of this extensive mSpy review that I’m sure you would have found resourceful. After reading this post, you would be able to know about mSpy price, working, features, and so much more. Go ahead and check its free demo on its website as well or just get a monthly subscription as its trial. Also, if you have already used this application in the past, then let us know about your own mSpy review in the comments below.


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