Top Effective Tools to monitor and Spy on WhatsApp that Work at 100% for 2019

Perhaps, you’re quite worried about your child using WhatsApp all day long? Or for your employee who is being too casual with work? Monitoring WhatsApp activities will certainly prove to be a great solution in your case. If you’re looking for the best WhatsApp spy tool for Android/iOS then you’re at the right place.11 min

Our usual day starts by checking who has messaged/called or shared jibes first. And instantly we land up in WhatsApp! It has become one of the soft slow poison for people as they love getting connected to their pals! The influence of WhatsApp’s magic is visible in almost everyone out there and no doubt, the distraction of this tool knows no bound. Children may get all distracted, that wise employee may get lazy around the work and mint other plans. To fully understand what the person is up to or learn their next move, understanding what they linger around in WhatsApp using WhatsApp monitoring tool for Android or iOS is crucial.

There a dimes a dozen of good WhatsApp spy apps that promise to give you all kinds of facilities to perform WhatsApp tracking on iPhone or Android but fetching a good one is needed. So to ease your work down, we’ve collated some useful spy tools that duly support monitoring WhatsApp online.

Part 1. Why and Who need WhatsApp monitor app?

If you invite a Football lover to a cricket match, he may not cherish it whole-heartedly. As that’s not what he intends to see. In a similar spirit, the trackers or spy tools are solely meant for those who can benefit out of them. Generally, the following kinds of people can make the most out of the WhatsApp spy Android tool.

  1. Parents: The freedom of owning a phone to a child who is in his formative ages can slip them to a whole new world of inappropriate adult stuff. These can truly pose a dent on your kid’s psyche. Moreover, in their crisp young age, the societal peer pressure can land up the child in activities they shouldn’t be involved in.
  2. Employers: Company runs on the shoulders of its employees. Their presence of mind and pro-active nature is very important. And if they happen to waste time in Whatsapp or social handles then they may feel distracted and that could impact on their work profile too.
  3. Spouses: Love is a binding force for couples but either of them falling apart can uproot trust, faith in each other. You can never ascertain where your partner is hanging in about. To ensure they don’t waste the sanctity of the relationship, the need for monitoring WhatsApp arises.

Part 2. Recommended Whatsapp spy utility: Spyzie

2.1 Why Spyzie is the best WhatsApp spy app?

One of the oldest and well-crafted names in the industry of monitoring applications is Spyzie, imbibing the latest specs seen in a good spy tool. By using this application, any user can aptly monitor users with the updated account of calls, message box, calendars and various other data components present in the other person’s phone. Spyzie is designed with the supreme technology ensuring the person who is being monitored to get no hint regarding it. Apart from tracking WhatsApp activities, with the help of this tracker app, users can manage to gain insights into Facebook, WeChat, Line, Kik etc. Here are its some of the kickass features:

  • Have a detailed view of the sent and received messages, attachments and inspect the browsing history of the messages.
  • Get acquainted with the full-fledged session of the various Applications, the duration and activities performed in it.
  • Keep a firm check on the ongoing location of the monitored phone and manage geofence.
  • Provides a unique feature of cue that showcases the deleted SMS, calls as well as the photos videos that were present in the target phone.
  • Incorporated with an advanced feature of WiFi Logger that is capable of monitoring locations using the Wi-Fi Hotspots.
  • Remotely keep an eye over the documents stashed in the target device to understand if there is any planning or plotting going against you.
  • Capable of recording and fetching accurate detailing of the password(s) used in your kid’s phone.
  • Manages to upkeep schedules for restricting the use of data you don’t want the target phone should access.

2.2 How to spy on someone’s WhatsApp conversation using Spyzie

Wondering how Spyzie can actually help users to spy on someone’s WhatsApp conversation? This brief guide will acquaint you with the same.

Step 1 – Register for a Spyzie Account

Free Trail NowAndroid Free Trail NowiOS

In order to utilize all the functionalities, the very basic step is to sign up for a Spyzie account from its official website or application. Install the application over your PC or phone.


Step 2 – Complete the Setup process

Ensure to complete the setup process for your account from the Wizard page. In case, the target phone is an iPhone, then verify the iCloud credentials of the account used over the iPhone.

For Android device, you need to get hold of their device, install the app and enable Spyzie’s account in there.


Step 3 – Start with Monitoring Device

Now handle the Spyzie control panel to view the insights of WhatsApp. You can monitor call logs, view the entire conversation and locations etc. You can even Sync the call logs of the monitored phone by tapping on “Sync” button.


2.3. Compatibility

If you are an Android or iOS users, Spyzie can be your ultimate choice. If your device falls under the following category then they are truly compatible:

iPhone versions: To spy an iPhone, there is no scope of jailbreaking and hence, Apple users can keenly make use of. Supports iOS version 8.0 or above (including the latest iOS 12).

Free Trail NowiOS

Android versions: Works efficiently with Android version 4.0 or above (including the latest Android OS 9).

Free Trail NowAndroid

Part 3. Monitor WhatsApp via mSPY

3.1Why recommend mSPY?

One of the considerable WhatsApp parental control application is mSpy. It is designed for the people who wish to know the whereabouts of mSpy. Apart from peeping WhatsApp at stretch, users can easily view other data variants like the call log, messages, notes, documents etc.

Key Features:

  • Allows viewing WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat and other popular messaging apps.
  • Enables users to get insights the messages, call logs and 25+ data components available in the target device.
  • Provides an active 24/7 support comprising multi-languages effectively.
  • Keep a track of the GPS location used in the target device.
  • mSpy makes use of KeyLogger feature to record the passwords/pins.

3.2 How to track the WhatsApp application remotely using mSpy?

Step 1 – Login to official website

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Go to mSpy official website and login with the credentials. Click on “Add Device” option placed at the top of the screen. Select “add a phone” and select the Android OS version under “Platform Selection”.


Step 2 – Setup Device

Ensure to tap on “Set up your device” option. In the interim, draw the connection of your phone with the internet.

Step 3 – Make due Security changes

Tap on Security and tick mark the “Unknown Sources” under the Settings panel. It will ensure phone to download the application from the internet.

Step 4 – Go to Browser

Key in “”, load the file from there and install mSpy over your phone.


Step 5 – Launch mSpy on phone

Open mSpy, give registration number and fetch your mSpy profile and paste the same details over your phone.


3.3 Compatibility

mSpy monitoring application easily stretches compatibility with both the Android devices as well as the iPhone models.

Free Trail Now7-Days

Android models: Supports execution on or above Android 4+.

iOS models: Easily compatible with iOS 7 to 8.4, 9.0, 9.1 and till the latest version.

Part 4. Spy on WhatsApp with FlexiSPY

4.1 Why recommend FlexiSPY?

FlexiSpy monitoring software is a simple spy tool that can very well be used as a WhatsApp spy app. Right from on devices, users can peep into the data and applications in a stealth mode. FlexiSpy can fetch you a good amount of insights for the data folders, data files, media files and several other kinds of data.

Main Features:

  • Keep a track on the activities done in the Applications.
  • Remotely view data components like photos, videos, installed apps etc.
  • Record password or crucial detailing of security authentication codes using KeyLogger feature.
  • Monitor GPS location and track where the user is taking rounds to.

4.2 How to track WhatsApp remotely?

Step 1 – Get FlexiSpy on PC

Free Trail NowiOS & Android

Purchase the suitable package of FlexiSpy App and accordingly fetch confirmation email along with login credentials.

Step 2 – Opt for the right version

Now, visit the online portal for FlexiSpy and opt for the specific device where you wish to install the app. From there opt for the right operating system version.


Step 3 – Install app and start monitoring

Install the app and launch it. In the interim, the target device will secrelty sent to the server of FlexiSpy. There you can peep into WhatsApp of the remote device.


4.3 Compatibility

If you’re planning to get FlexiSpy, ensure that your respective device comes under the following category.

Free Trail NowiOS & Android

iOS versions: iOS versions 9.1, 9.2 till the latest versions running till 11.4.1.

Android models: Only the Android versions ranging between 4.03 to 8.1 versions are supported.

Part 5. Track WhatsApp Chat by FoneMonitor

5.1 Why recommend FoneMonitor?

The good roundup advanced means is FoneMonitor, a reliable monitoring solution that allows users to spy or track WhatsApp in a stealth mode. This tracking software is capable of fully track down them monitored device remotely. Whether, you wish to monitor call logs, browsing history or peep into the famous social handles like WhatsApp, Facebook, Kik etc. FoneMonitor provides a full in-depth dashboard that caters to give you a detailed account of up to 30 kinds of data folders present on the phone.

Key Features:

  • Stretches full compatibility with various types of browsers used in the desired device.
  • Can easily monitor the activities surfacing in Calendars and view saved memos and reminders too.
  • Keep a firm track over the whereabouts of the apps- the name, download and preview photos (if used) in the target device.
  • Set a boundary or periphery with the Geofence feature and fetch emails if the said device is away from the locations set by you.
  • Assists the queries of users by its dedicated support team working 24*7.

5.2 How to spy WhatsApp by FoneMonitor?

Now that you’re well versed with the functionality of FoneMonitor, we will quickly understand how to make use of this WhatsApp spy tool.

Step 1 – Obtain an Account

Start by registering an account from the official page of FoneMonitor ( You’ll be asked to fill in the essential details for your account, such as the email address, password etc. Then, click on “Sign Up” button.

Note: Make sure that you are writing in your correct email as you would receive further communications and confirmations in that mailbox.


Step 2 – Duly Install FoneMonitor on your device

Once you’ve successfully accomplished in signing up for an account, proceed to set up the account. Key in the details of the target device owner, like the “Name”, “Age” and the working “OS” of the target device owner. Now, install the application on the target device.

Step 3 – Proceed with monitoring

Now, get hold of your remote device, launch the app and log in using the registered FoneMonitor account. Allow giving permissions by using “Grant” or “Allow” options. From the main interface, tap on “Activate Device Administrator” followed by “Start Monitoring” option.


Step 4 – Control the Dashboard

After getting through with the desired process, enjoy the leverage of monitoring WhatsApp of the device using this WhatsApp tracker app. Use the Control Panel to trace location, peep messages and get other insights on your device!


5.3 Compatibility

This monitoring app ensures to support iOS as well as Android versions. To understand what versions are supported, look below:

iOS version: The iDevices running on or above iOS version 8 are supported. Users need not perform any jailbreak for spying WhatsApp of the target device.

Android version: The Android devices running above 4.0 versions are supported. There is no need to root the device.

Part 6. WhatsApp Monitor-SpyFone

6.1 Why recommend SpyFone?

SpyFone is a simple and effective WhatsApp spy software that manages to get users the mirror view of the remote device. You can easily fetch alerts over your phone and trace locations, keep an eye over the message and peep onto the call logs, messages etc. Moreover, SpyFone allows you to monitor WhatsApp in full-fledged way.

Key Features:

  1. Offers an updated panel featuring current map view location and whole screen view of the target device.
  2. Allows remotely blocking programs such as the downloaded applications or built-in applications.
  3. Has a dedicated technical support panel providing 24*7 hours assistance to users.
  4. Get regular alerts of geo-fencing, contact alerts when son/daughter runs activities that prohibit any monitored mobile device.
  5. Remotely surf the file directory available in the target device, including the files, images, videos, documents and several other media files.

6.2 How to track WhatsApp?

Use this WhatsApp Sniffer to track WhatsApp or other social media app of the remote device efficiently.

Step 1 – Purchase Application

From the official website, fetch the application or tap on the “BUY NOW” button.

Step 2 – Install Application

On your email, you will receive the login credentials for your personal SpyFone account and the license code. Now, run the application and install it on your device.


Step 3 – Make due Configurations

Launch the app, key in the license code and opt for the activity you wish to track and opt for tracking WhatsApp.

Step 4 – Track Activities

Just log in to personal SpyFone account for reviewing the information You can easily opt for the features you wish to see.


6.3 Compatibility

SpyFone is modelled to work on the Android and iOS device.

Android versions: Very much compatible to support the Android versions of lower models starting from 4.1 to the latest Android 9 batch.

iOS versions: It ensures to support most of the operating systems of iPhone respectively.

Part 7. Benefits of using spy apps

Just as several applications are designed to meet a certain set of criteria, the spy has the motive of giving you a detailed account of the files or folders. Tracking WhatsApp becomes essentially important so as to ascertain what is happening in the target device. Here are its key benefits.

1. Ensuring the safety of Family:

Life is bundled up with uncertainties, you can never know what is going to happen next. However, spotting anything suspicious or doubtful beforehand can allow users to craft a decision accordingly. In the case of Kids and children, parents can be assured of getting suppressed due to ragging. You can remotely monitor its location and understand where they are currently.

2. Shield Business by gaining insights of Employees’ WhatsApp:

Expecting the unexpected is today’s mantra to proceed. The guiding factor of your business, i.e. employees can pose out a good chunk of problems to you. You never know, they might be planning a scheme that might be violating the rules of your company. Knavish employees might comprise with the confidential information of the venture or business model and sell it for earning some extra bucks! Hence, monitoring their activities via a WhatsApp sniffer app can prove to be helpful.

3. To ascertain you’re not being tricked or cheated:

True shades of a person can turn out completely different than what they pretend to show. You might feel your spouse truly and religiously loves you and cast no spell over other people around. But the truth can actually turn out to be brutal and demeaning. So, to be assured of your partner not loitering here and there, WhatsApp spying app for Android can help you in tracking WhatsApp and other files, folders present in the phone.

4. Make sure your Elders are safe and sound:

In the advent of fulfilling the work-life balance, we often neglect or take our loved ones for granted. While we are busying sorting out our struggles, they are left at no one’s mercy. So, as a moral responsibility, we must see whether they are doing fine or not. By spying their WhatsApp and understand their psyche and be equally assure of their well-being. Moreover, if they get stuck somewhere, figure out their current location and assist them accordingly.

5. Gain Netflix Credentials of your Friend:

A bit of playful way can do no harm, especially, if your friends own the membership of Netflix or Twitch- the paradise of games world. There are certainly some of the best WhatsApp spy applications that are imbibed with the feature of Key logger that can record the credentials used in the target device. So, you can be a bit tricky and fetch what’s their credentials and access it!

Part 8. Conclusion

We hope by now our readers must be very much acquainted with some of the best WhatsApp tracker applications useful in tracking someone’s WhatsApp easily. These methods are proven to give you the best experience of tracking the crucial data components of the target phone. Any novice to pro users can make use of these spy tools and gain minutest details of the phone. Users can exercise the leverage of maintaining geofence and access real-time locations as well. So, the next time you find any suspicious events or notice your employee glued with the phone, without any hitch you can monitor their WhatsApp online. Do let us know which online tracking tool did you like the most!


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