TOP 10 Best Spy Apps for Android Phones

Are you looking for the best spy app for Android? Learn how to track Android phone remotely as we have listed 10 different Android monitoring apps right here.11 min

It has now become easier than ever to track an Android phone. A few years back, there was hardly any reliable spy app for Android that could help us obtain all the vital details of the device. Thankfully, with the advancement in technology, we have numerous Android spy solutions today. Now, you can easily spy on the tracking device without even accessing it or getting noticed. To help you meet your requirements, we have come up with this extensive list of some of the best Android tracking solutions that you should certainly consider trying.

Part 1. Why do you need to track Android phones?

Before discussing how to spy on Android phone, it is important to uncover the reasons. Ideally, every individual can have different reasons for using an Android tracker. From parents to employers, here are some common scenarios where spy tracking device can play a vital role.

  • For parents: Parents can take the assistance of a tracker to monitor Android devices used by their kids on a real-time basis. For instance, parents can know the exact location of their kids, to whom they are in touch with, what they post on social media, what they look for on the web, and so on.
  • For employers: Organizations can keep a track on their employees using a spyware for Android. This will let them know if they are loyal or not. Employers can check if someone is passing the company’s sensitive information, whether the sales professionals have reached a certain location, and so on.
  • For spouse: If you are in a relationship, then you can use a spy app for Android that is undetectable to know the real-time location of your partner. You can also check their messages, call logs, etc. remotely and know if they are being faithful or not.
  • Others: Not just that, an Android tracker can also help you keep an eye on your siblings, friends, parents, or any other individual. If you want to make sure that the other individual is alright, then consider spy tracking their devices.

Part 2: The Best Android Spy App – Spyzie

Spyzie is undoubtedly the best spyware for Android that you can try. The Android monitoring app does not require the root access and can help you remotely keep an eye on the target device. From its exact location to social media activities, the best tracking app for Android will let you access it all. Since it runs in a stealth mode, the spy app for Android will go undetectable and let you access the device details remotely.

  • Spyzie Android spy is extremely easy to use and is fully compatible with all the leading Android devices (Android 4.0 and all the newer versions including Android 9).
  • It can track the real-time location of the device and also provide details about the past location history as well.
  • Users can also set geofences for any restricted area and get instant alerts for check-in and check-out.
  • The Android mobile software disguises itself as a system setting and won’t be detected by the targeted user.
  • The Android monitoring app will record all the details of the device like its photos, videos, call logs, contacts, browser history, messages, and so much more.
  • It supports the tracking of all the social and IM apps as well like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Viber, Line, WeChat, Snapchat, etc.
  • Users can even set time-based restrictions on the device, view a detailed keylog, take remote screenshots, and do so much more.

To learn how to use Spyzie Android spy on any target device, the following basic steps can be taken:

Step 1: Create a Spyzie account

Firstly, click below button on any device and create your account by providing a working email id.

Free Trail NowAndroid Free Trail NowiOS

Subsequently, you need to select Android as the target device type and enter details about the device owner.

Step 2: Install the spy app

Once you have bought a subscription, access the target Android device and go to its Settings > Security. From here, turn on the option to download apps from third-party sources.access-device-android

Go to Spyzie’s website again on the device and download its APK file for the Android tracking app.


Tap on the app icon and start the spyware for Android installation process. You would have to grant it the needed permission for a smooth functioning.


In the end, just grant the spy app for Android the device administrator access and start monitoring the phone.


Step 3: Track Android phone remotely

Now, you can go to Spyzie’s web-based dashboard on any device and remotely obtain all the vital details of the device. It features a user-friendly dashboard so that you can do Android monitor as per your convenience.


Part 3: Best Android tracking App – FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY is another popular Android tracker that you can use on a rooted device. Even if your device is not rooted, the company can help you do the same. Also, the Android spy app is relatively costlier than other alternatives, but it also features a wide range of solutions as well.

  • The Android phone tracker app can obtain all the vital details of the device like its notes, browsing history, calendar, photos, videos, call logs, contacts, and more.
  • It also supports the tracking of every popular social app like Facebook, Snapchat, Line, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.
  • The spy tracker runs in a stealth mode and would make sure that the user won’t be able to uninstall it.
  • You can also remotely control Android phone from another phone using its app or web-based dashboard.
  • The spyware for Android would track the exact live location of the device and also records the past location history.

Learning how to spy on Android phone is pretty easy using FlexiSPY. All you need to do is follow these steps:

Step 1: Buy a subscription

To start with, simply click below button to create your account to proceed. Also, buy a subscription of your choice and select the platform of the target device.

Free Trail NowiOS & Android

Step 2: Install the spy tracker

Now, access the target Android device and make sure it is rooted. If not, then use any freely available tool to root it first. After that, visit FlexiSPY’s website and download the Android tracking app. Simply install the app, grant it the device access, and remove the icon so that it would keep running in a stealth mode.


Step 3: Start tracking

In the end, you can visit the web-based dashboard of FlexiSPY and log-in with your account credentials.


After logging-in, you can access all the vital details of the target device without any trouble.


Part 4: Android Tracker App – SpyFone

SpyFone is another premium Android spy that can help you obtain all the crucial details of the target device remotely. There are dedicated spyware for Android and iOS devices that it offers. While it works on non-rooted devices, some of its advanced features are only available for rooted phones.

  • The spy tracker will let you monitor the target device on a real-time basis, remotely, without getting detected.
  • You can monitor the live location, track social media activity, access to their phone calls, and so much more.
  • You can also use the mobile tracker app Android to take remote screenshots and even listen to the surrounding conversations.
  • The spy app for Android can let you access the app usage and you can even restrict the device.
  • There is a dedicated theft protection feature that will help you locate the phone and prevent it from being stolen.

Since SpyFone is quite easy to install and use, you can get things started by following these steps:

Step 1: Create your SpyFone account

To start with, visit the official website of SpyFone and create a user account. Specify whether you wish to track an iOS or an Android device.


Step 2: Install the Android phone tracker app

After creating your account, access the target phone and make sure that you are able to download third-party apps on it. Now, go to SpyFone’s website on the device to download its Android monitoring app. Log-in to your account and start the setup process.


In order to track Android phone, you need to grant all the needed permissions to the device. Also, enter the unique passcode to verify your account and start monitoring it once you are done.


Step 3: Remotely track the device

That’s it! In the end, you can start tracking the target device remotely whenever you want. Just go to the dashboard of the Android tracker and check its features to obtain all the needed information related to the phone.


Part 5: Spy App for Android without Target Phone Access by SpyMyFone

If you are looking for a user-friendly and effective solution to remotely control Android phone from another phone or monitor its usage, then give SpyMyFone a try. It can track all the major Android devices and their vital details. You simply need to access the phone once to install the Android spy on it.

  • From the device call logs to contacts and photos to messages, the Android monitor can access it all.
  • The Android tracking app will also let you access all the vital social media and IM apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.
  • It will allow you to spy Android phone remotely without getting caught since it supports an invisible mode.
  • You can also track the live location of the device or even set strict geofences.
  • Also, you can know the apps installed on the device and even restrict the device usage remotely.

There is no need to root the Android device to use the spy tracker by SpyMyFone. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Get a SpyMyFone subscription

To begin things, go to the official website of SpyMyFone and create your account by specifying your email id and setting up a password.


From the available supported platforms, go with Android, and buy your SpyMyFone subscription.


Step 2: Install the Android spy app

Access the Android device, unlock it, and go to its security settings to enable app installation from third-party sources.


Furthermore, visit the SpyMyFone website to download the APK version of the Android monitoring app. Initiate the process, grant it the needed permissions, and follow the simple on-screen steps to complete the installation.


Step 3: Track Android phone remotely

After completing the installation process, you can just visit the web dashboard of SpyMyFone and remotely monitor the essential device details as per your convenience.


Part 6: Spy Tracker App – mSpy

If you already have a rooted Android device, then you can consider using mSpy to track Android phone remotely. Although, the app won’t essentially ask you to root the target device, but you won’t be able to access its premium features this way.

  • It can track the real-time location of the device and will send instant alerts whenever the user would leave or enter a restricted area.
  • The spy tracker works efficiently to keep an eye on every popular social media app.
  • It also has an inbuilt keylogger that would maintain a record of every keystroke typed on the phone.
  • The Android tracking app would also access the web browsing history of the phone for you to view.
  • Besides that, you can also access the vital details like photos, videos, call logs, and so on.
  • To learn how to spy on Android phone using mSpy, the following steps can be taken:

Step 1: Get an mSpy for Android subscription

Needless to say, you can’t use the mSpy Android app without getting its subscription. Therefore, visit its website and get an mSpy subscription of your choice.

Free Trail Now7-Days


Step 2: Install the tracking app

Access the target device and visit its Settings > Security to enable app installation from unknown sources.


Great! Once it is done, visit the mSpy website and download its Android monitoring app. You can install mSpy for Android by following simple instructions and grant it the device administrator access.


Step 3: Start tracking the device

In the end, you can just go to the web-based dashboard of mSpy and track Android phone features whenever and wherever needed.


Part 7: Android monitoring app – TheTruthSpy

This is one of the oldest spy trackers for Android devices out there that you can also use to track a device remotely. Since it comes with a 48 hours of free trial duration, you easily give this Android tracking app a hands-on experience before purchasing it.

  • The Android monitor can track the exact live location of the device and also supports setting up geofences.
  • The free Android spy app will let you use it for the first 48 hours without spending a dime. If you like it, you can get its premium version afterward.
  • In order to access its premium versions, you are required to root the target device. Also, it does not support the latest Android 9 as of now.
  • The Android spy application can track the device photos, call logs, messages, IM apps, social media, browsing history, and more.
  • It runs in a stealth mode and won’t be detected by the targeted user.


Part 8: Mobile Tracker App for Android – Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is a widely used spy app for Android that also supports Window and Mac systems as well. Since you don’t need to root the target device, you would able to make the most of this Android spy in a seamless way.

  • One of the best features of this spy tracker is that it supports all the popular social app tracking like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.
  • You can track Android phone without getting caught as it runs in an invisible mode.
  • The Android phone tracker app can also take screenshots of the device without getting noticed.
  • You can track and even record the incoming and outgoing calls through your remote interface.
  • If you want, you can even get alerts whenever a SIM card would be changed on the phone.


Part 9: Best Spyware for Android – MobiStealth

MobiStealth provides a highly secure and advanced way to track Android phone remotely. There is no need to root the target device to use this Android spy. Although, it is costlier than its competitors, it features a user-friendly interface, which is worth giving a try.

  • Not just Android, it can also be used to spy on iOS devices, Windows, and Mac as well.
  • The spyware for Android can track the device details, call logs, contacts, messages, photos, and so much more.
  • You can also track the real-time location of the device remotely.
  • It does not need a rooted device to track its social media activity.
  • Since it supports a strong stealth mode, it will make it harder for the targeted user to access the phone.


Part 10: Android Mobile Software – Mobile Spy

With the help of Mobile Spy Android monitor, you can not only track Android phone, but can also control it to some extent. For instance, if you are a concerned parent, then you can just lock the device or any application remotely for any duration.

  • The Android tracker provides a live and remote monitoring option of the device via its dashboard.
  • To access the premium features of this Android spy application, it is needed to root the target device.
  • You can obtain all the vital social media details, call logs, contacts, messages, and so much more.
  • It supports an invisible mode so that you can spy on an Android without getting noticed.
  • It can also block the entire device or certain apps remotely.


Part 11: Spy App for Android Undetectable – Spyera

Spyera might be the last option on our list of the Android monitoring apps, but it is certainly not the least as it comes with tons of features. The Android spy claims that it runs in a 100% undetectable mode and will help you track Android phone without letting the targeted user know.

  • In order to use this spy app for Android, you need to root the target device first.
  • It can track all the conversations on social media apps, IM apps, and messages without any trouble.
  • You can also keep an eye on the browser history or the saved media files on the device.
  • It can record all the calls made on the device, including the VoIP calls made on apps like Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, etc.
  • With its ambient listening feature, you can even record the surrounding conversations and listen to them whenever you want.


A Quick Comparison

To help you pick the best spyware for Android, we have quickly compared the above-listed solutions right here.

Rooting needed Compatibility Stealth mode Ease of use Price Rating
Spyzie No Android 4.0 – 9 Strong Extremely easy $29.99/month 9.5
FlexiSPY Yes Android 4.0.3 – 8.1 Strong Moderate $68/month 8
SpyFone No Android 4.0 – 9 Medium Easy $119.95/3 months 8.5
SpyMyFone No Android 4.0 – 9 Strong Extremely easy $29.99/month 9
mSpy Yes (for premium features) Android 4.1+ Medium Moderate $29.99/month 8
TheTruthSpy Yes Android 2.2-7 Strong Moderate $21.99/month 7.5
Hoverwatch No Android 2.2-6.3 Strong Easy $24.95/month 8
Mobile Stealth No Android 4.0-8 Strong Easy $59.99/month 8
Mobile Spy Yes Android 2.3-7.1 Strong Moderate $64.97/3 months 7
Spyera Yes Android 4.0-8.1 Strong Moderate $32/month 7.5

That’s a wrap, everyone! Now when you know about not one, but ten different solutions to track Android phones, you can easily keep an eye on any individual. An Android monitoring app can be used to spy on your kids, spouse, employees, and so on. As you can see from the above list, Spyzie is one of the recommended solutions. The spy app for Android comes with tons of advanced features that will let you obtain all the vital details of the device remotely, as per your needs.


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