Snapchat Parental Controls: Parents’ Ultimate Guide

Looking for a Snapchat parental controls app that lets parents monitor Snapchat? Read on to find more about how Snapchat works and how you can protect your child from it!6 min

Like Facebook and Instagram, one other name that pops up regularly when talking about the most famous social media platforms is the Snapchat. Even though it is made to be a messaging platform, it’s fun features instantly took it to global fame.

Nowadays you can find Snapchat profiles that have millions of followers and the regular updates like fun filters make it a must-have for youngsters.

However, recent developments in online security have got parents worried about the safety of their children on Snapchat. Let us example what the causes are and how you can keep your child safe on Snapchat.

Let us help you know your way around Snapchat and give you insight on how to intervene if you feel the need to do so!

Part 1: What Parents Need to Know about Snapchat?

It is no secret that a majority of the Snapchat user base consists of the youngsters. In the USA alone, 78% of the youngsters belonging to the age range of 18-24 use Snapchat. In the UK, 77% of Snapchat users are below the age of 25. And this demographic is also what Snapchat targets with its new features and updates.

Basically, Snapchat allows the user to send pictures and short videos to friends that are only visible for a few seconds.

The sender can set the timer on how long the photo or video can exist in the recipient’s chat window. If it is set to 10 seconds, the photo/video will self-destruct in that many seconds. So basically, if the user sends a photo or video that the other person doesn’t want to keep, Snapchat offers a way to do so.

However, there is a real need that parents must be educated in new technologies so that they know that their kids are using through their phones. And we say because of the recent developments that have adversely affected many teens out there.

Why Snapchat is so popular?

Snapchat, the creation from Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown uses a very different approach from the established social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube or Instagram. Instead of consuming content, users are empowered to make their own content.

So when you start using Snapchat Parental Controls napchat, you will slowly begin to make your own videos. It can be funny, informative or anything you want to share with your audience. And this has led to the rise of many Snapchat stars, which again increased the whole popularity of the platforms. Nowadays, you can see stars from Hollywood and various other industries on Snapchat.

And when a user starts to create interesting content, they will start to build an audience, which further motivates them to keep creating more content.

And since the majority of users are millennials, the content is shared and created with regards to the taste of the young user base. Now you know why your child loves Snapchat!

Who are my kids sending Snapchats to?

Snapchat messages can only be sent to people who are in your friends list. Hence, both parties must accept each other’s friend request to send and receive messages. When it comes to Snapchat stories, things are a little bit different as the user can enable not just their contacts, but other users on the platform.


Do the Snaps really “disappear” forever?

When we discussed how Snapchat messages work, we stated that users can send messages that can self-destruct. However, things are not so easy in the online world.

Even if you send someone a picture that deletes itself after 5 or 10 seconds, the recipient can take a screenshot of it and save it.

Also, there are other third-party softwares like iOS Screen recorder, MirrorGo Android Recorder, SnapSave, etc that can recover videos or pictures that were to self-destruct.

So even when Snapchat claims that their app deletes videos, pictures or stories, a determined person can make use of the software to record or recover content. And if there were to re-upload it to the internet, then it’s never gone!

Part 2. How can parents monitor Snapchat via Spyzie

Ever since the tales of youngsters being tricked or cheated using WhatsApp, the parents have been on the lookout on ways to monitor Snapchat account of their children. The question of how can parents monitor snapchat requires so much research because SnapChat doesn’t provide an in-house parental control solution.

Hence, the long-standing request for a complete snapchat spy tool has been answered with Spyzie. Spyzie makes Snapchat monitoring for parents an easy affair. The different features within Spyzie make spying on your child’s Snapchat account safe and discreet.

Many of the alleged “Snapchat Spy apps” fails to either work in silence or they use unapproved methods like rooting or jailbreaking the target device.

However, the Snapchat parental controls provided in Spyzie are made with a clear goal in mind – To help parents know what’s going on in their child’s social media life without them knowing!

Why Spyzie can help parent monitor the snapchat?


Spyzie comes packed with a ton of features that will help you keep track of your child even when they are not near. Some of the major perks of using Spyzie are:

Easy installation: The fast and easy installation of Spyzie only takes seconds to finish.

Files tracking: You can view the files being saved by the other users on the device.

Keylogger support: See all the inputs made by the user on the keyboard.

No Root or Jailbreak required: You can use Spyzie on your Android or iPhone without using any root or jailbreak procedures.

SIM Card monitoring: Spyzie will alert the user if they find the other person changing sim in the device that is being tracked.

Location tracking: Spyzie can track the location of the target device through both Geofencing and WiFi Logging.

The following guide gives a detailed procedure on how you can install Spyzie to monitor Snapchat on a device.

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Step 1: Create your account with Spyzie on the official website.


Step 2: Fill in the detail for the app to optimize itself for your requirements.


Step 3: Install the monitoring app on the target device.


Note: Android devices will require you to install the app on the target device however, no such requirement is necessary.

Step 4: Download the tracking app from Spyzie. Login with your account details to activate the monitoring.


Step 5: In the Spyzie Dashboard, on the left pane, navigate to Sanpchat. Now you can read all the Snapchat messages on your child’s phone without them knowing right through this window.


The app is super simple to use and you can access the monitoring window either from the Spyzie app or from the official site using the login credentials.

Since you can access their photos and videos, it will help you understand what type of content your child is sharing on Snapchat. Most times, kids never understand the dangers of the online world. The result is that they will be caught off guard and since the apps that they use are never shown to their parents, it makes it impossible for the parents to intervene.

With Spyzie, you don’t have to for your child to grant to permission to access their Snapchat. It can be done remotely and easily.

Part 3. How to block Snapchat via Spyzie

If you feel that Snapchat is having a bad influence on your child or if your child is misusing it, then preventing them from using the app is the only way to stop further damages.

If you are wondering how to block Snapchat app, Spyzie got you covered again! Spyzie has an inbuilt feature where it can stop apps from opening on the target device, and you can set or remove the ban from the monitoring app itself.

Spyzie also lets the user ban other social media apps like Facebook or Instagram.

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Snapchat and other social platforms are good for having fun with friends or building an audience, but there is a side to it that can turn things ugly. Parents in 2019 are more careful than ever before to protect their children from unwanted online exposure.

Spyzie makes the task of monitoring, and in severe cases, banning Snapchat from your child’s phone easy. Download the app today and take the first step towards protecting your children against online violence.


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