Free WhatsApp Tracker Review: How to Spy on WhatsApp like a Pro

When you feel like taking a step ahead to monitor WhatsApp messages of your close friend or spouse for safety, this is the right place. We will introduce WhatsApp tracker apps that will be of great assistance for you.5 min

WhatsApp being a widely used messenger app can be one of the prime reasons of phone addiction for your kids or maybe spouse. It is, indeed, annoying when your near ones give importance to their WhatsApp more than you. However, it becomes a matter of concern when your kids are chatting with bad people or your spouse may have been cheating on you. In such cases, it is imperative to spy on Whatsapp messages and this where you need a powerful Whatsapp tracker app. In today’s article you’ll be getting familiar with few of the best known remote monitoring apps that are efficient in spying on WhatsApp messages and various other tracking activities. Let’s explore.

Part 1: WhatsApp Tracker: mSpy

One of the ways that can help you to spy WhatsApp messages is mSpy. No matter where you are, you can remotely track down the WhatsApp activities of your spouse or kid or anyone. For both iOS and Android devices, it can work perfectly. On a plus, it has a skilled technical team that can help you anytime you want. Nevertheless, it works for rooted devices. This implies that you need to first jailbreak your device and then use this tool to spy on WhatsApp messages.

Main Features of mSpy

  • It is a user-friendly tool and even a novice user can easily explore it.
  • More than 25 data components can be monitored using mSpy.
  • There is multi-language support with this app.
  • Keylogger feature and GPS tracking is available.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Track WhatsApp via mSpy

Step 1: Get the Subscription

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Open mSpy’s official website and look for the membership that is suitable for you. Now, go to the mailbox and go along with the installation formalities.


Step 2: It’s time for Installing

Get the device where WhatsApp is to be tracked and run the application on it. then follow the prompts to finish registration.


Step 3: Spy WhatsApp Messages Now

As the last step, get access to the control panel of mSpy by logging it. you can now handle and monitor the WhatsApp messages of the target device or other apps as well.

Part 2: WhatsApp Spy via Spyzie

The next that we have is Spyzie. When you think about hacking WhatsApp to keep an eye on your teens, this can be opted as a wise option. You can easily get the insights of whereabouts of the target person using this app.

Main Features of Spyzie:

  • It lets you work with Android and iOS both the devices.
  • There is no need for jailbreaking or rooting your device to work with this tool.
  • You can keep record of call details, messages, calendar, videos and memos and the like.

Step by step Tutorial on How to Spy WhatsApp with Spyzie

Following is the comprehensive guide that will let you know about using this Android spying app for WhatsApp.

Step 1: Make an Account First

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Post visiting the official website, make sure to sign up to make a Spyzie account. Go for the most favorable membership or subscription followed by feeding in the valid details like email address and what is asked.


Step 2: Go Ahead for Installation Process

Take your kids’ device or the device that needs to be monitored. Install the application over it and go along with the prompts like adding the details of the target device. You will be asked to enter name, age etc. Type-in the details accurately.


Step 3: Head on to Control panel

When you complete installation in the target device, get your own device to open the control panel. From here on, start WhatsApp spying and get to monitor what you wish.


Part 3: WhatsApp Hack Free: SpyFone

Allowing you to hack WhatsApp online remotely in hassle-free way, SpyFone is the third tool we would like to introduce. It just takes fifteen minutes to begin with the monitoring. Like the others, it is also supportive to Android and iOS phones.

Main Features of SpyFone

  • It offers an in-depth information of the activities going on in the target device.
  • Not just WhatsApp, but messages, call, GPS, messenger, Gmail and web monitoring is also possible with SpyFone.
  • It works in stealth mode.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Hack WhatsApp via SpyFone

Here is how SpyFone WhatsApp tracker will help you clear your doubts on your spouse.

Step 1: Download SpyFone

To initiate the process, firstly go to the main page of the SpyFone and purchase the subscription as per your needs.

Step 2: Get the Application Installed

You need to now check your mail as you will receive some crucial things there like login credentials, license code etc. Now, on the target device, download the app.


Step 3: Make Settings

Next, you are required to feed in the license code. Thereafter, choose the activities from the list to keep a track.

Step 4: Sit Back, Relax and Monitor

Finally, from your phone, begin to login with SpyFone details and you can now easily hack WhatsApp online free.


Part 4: WhatsApp Monitor by FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY is also a great and considerable WhatsApp tracker app. it is a complete package when you want to get WhatsApp monitored. Woth GPS tracking as well as data encryption facilities, this app should be among your list while comparing and contemplating about the WhatsAPp trackers. However, you will required to jailbreak you phone.

Main Features of FlexiSPY

With this WhatsApp spying free app, you can effortlessly keep an eye on chats, date stamps as well as the details of the contacts like display picture, name or contact.

  • You can spy on Android and iPhone easily.
  • One of the amazing features included with this app is it can let you listen to the environment.
  • Media, application, phone calls and many other data types can be spied easily.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Monitor WhatsApp with FlexiSpy

To know how FlexiSPY work for WhatsApp spying, follow the guide given below.

Step 1: Download Flexispy and Get on PC

Free Trail NowiOS & Android

Firstly, carefully look for the package of FlexiSPY that suits your needs and go for it. Now, you will get login credentials on your email.

Step 2: Choose the Correct Version

You need to now select the device on which you want to install the app. That is to say, you need to choose whether your target device is running on iOS or Android operating system. This will be done on online portal of FlexiSPY.


Step 3: Further with Installing and Monitor

You can now install the app on target phone. Launch it now and from the dashboard, you can choose on what to be monitored.


Part 5: Conclusion

We introduced some useful WhatsApp trackers to you and tried to give you a fair idea about those. We know that it becomes sometimes crucial to monitor such things in order to satisfy our concerns. We don’t encourage spying for wrong means. These WhatsApp trackers are designed just to ensure that your loved ones, especially kids are not in any wrong activity or anything else. We hope that now you are now well-versed with how to spy on WhatsApp messages Android for free. We are waiting for your response. Let us know how you felt after reading this post and how it helped you all. Thanks!


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