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Top 8 VPNs for School to Unblock Everything at School 2018

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If you are a victim of internet restrictions, there is no need for more worries as VPNs have got you covered. These are the best alternative to accessing blocked websites today.

If you want to access your favorite sites without interruption, you need to learn how to unlock everything. Evade the restrictions by learning how to unblock them. Here are 8 VPNs you can use to unblock everything.

Top 8 VPNs for School to Unblock Everything at School 2018

#1. is a critical school VPN alternative thanks to the online proxy available. This is also one of the cheapest means to secure your privacy and unblock your favorite sites. If you do not need to hide the connection, you may utilize the VPN proxy. Most importantly, this application comes with loads of advanced features to explore as you browse discreetly. is not only easy to use but popular and is now used by at least 5 million users. It has the ability to secure your privacy without logging of browsing data. Users can enjoy unlimited bandwidth for premium versions with at least 30 different locations to choose. The advantages include; ease of use not only on iOS but Android too. It has premium customer support and no yearly plans available.

#2. Pure VPN

Pure VPN is the reputable all-in-one school VPN used for the widest variety of teenage fun activities. It offers opportunities for gaming, social media, streaming, and loads of exciting features. It has the best UI with simple one-click solutions to connect to the preferred server. with at least 120 countries currently, this VPN serves millions and keeps high-level encryption too.

#3. TunnelBear

This is the most welcoming VPN to use for most people. According to the brand, the tool is so easy to use that a bear could make the most of it. This means it is designed for the most primitive of users as long as they are interested and enthusiastic about it. The impeccable UI and efficient performance make it adequate for any school blocked sites.

The advantages that come with this VPN include; feature-filled free version, over 20 countries incorporated, and lighting fast speed. It is loved for its effective ad-blocker and AES encryption with dedicated support. It is evident that this tool is designed to impress its users. Critically, however, 20 countries incorporated is on the lower side and makes it not as competitive as the rivals in the market.

#4. Nord VPN

This is one of the most reliable and trusted VPNs around the world. It will let you bypass any kind of restriction easily without a hassle. The VPN has been used successfully on many occasions and proven worthy of its price. Investing in the Nord VPN gives you a chance to enjoy classic browsing experience protected with 2048-bit encryption. Most importantly, Nord is easy to use and deploy. It is appropriate because it supports OpenVPN, IPSec/IKEv2, and PPTP among other protocols. With this VPN, you can use 6 devices simultaneously meaning you can utilize it with friends.

Apart from the money-back guarantee, the biggest wins that make it sell are the strong DNS switch and kill switch as well as the Bitcoin payment support feature. On the downside, Nord VPN does not serve the same speed to all its users. Speed remains a point of concern among customers.

#5. Air VPN

This is the easiest to install and use for unblocking sites. The abundance of security features ensures complete anonymity. High-performance servers operated at high speeds with efficiency to make it one of the most reliable tools. It is loved for its support for Bitcoin payment and extensive compatibility. On the downside, there is no live customer support to address issues yet.

#6. Vypr VPN

Admittedly, this powerful VPN tool has made its name in the industry. It is also used for home networks and small businesses as well and is present in at least 70 countries. It supports many features alongside social media and streaming Netflix. It is optimized for Chinese citizens and can be configured on TV too.

#7. Strong Vpn

Strong VPN lets you secure your location and other details from restrictions at school. It has a way of bypassing the restrictions with ease with its high performance, unlimited bandwidth, and encryption. It is only available in 25 countries but has a competent customer support team live 24/7

#8. Private Internet Access

This is your best alternative to browsing the web without detection of your identity. The amazing part is that clients can pay anonymously too. The payment gateway is designed to allow transactions without a trace of the identity or verification process. To access any location-based information without a trace, choose this application. Thanks to its reliability, PIA has stretched to 27 countries with over 3,000 servers to sustain the rising demand. It has the ability to support a variety of VPN gateways making it the appropriate platform for concealing access. It includes SOCKS5 hence usable by up to 5 devices simultaneously. Perhaps what sets it apart is the P2P file transfer support.

The Private Internet Access is affordable by the masses, comes with dedicated customer support, and accepts bitcoin. These are the biggest advantages to use of Private Internet Access. On the downside, however, supporting 27 countries means it is limited and needs to expand further to compete favorably.


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