VPN for windows

VPN for Windows

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It is advisable that individual who uses the internet daily adopt to use of Virtual Private Network, VPN. They create a separate browsing experience, that of safety online. With the endless quest for private information, companies and malicious individual use all tools at their disposal to get the finest personal information. To prevent this from happening, reliable VPN is your solution.

Elements of a good VPN for windows

  • VPN should offer transparent policies such that, there is nothing written in the fine print.
  • VPN should be a more affordable option.
  • The VPN server should be based on a secure location. Especially locations with no cyber restrictions,
  • Online VPN should have many servers
  • The chosen VPN should be able to support other protocols and maintain an activity log. It should also support streaming services
  • Online VPN should provide an unlimited bandwidth with no speed restrictions.
  • VPN should have limitations to the number of devices that can be connected at the same time.

Below are the best free VPN:

#1. Open VPN

It is one of the reliable free VPNs which connects android users to its server. The user uses the Open VPN after opening an account with the Open VPN


  • Picture or video import ability to Open VPN
  • Compatible with TLS/SSL, DHCP, TAP/TUN devices
  • Public Wi-Fi security with remote access

Open VPN is absolutely free. Given that it is designed by a reputable band which makes it stand out. When using Open VPN you will be very secure online because it does not have hidden information

Open VPN is also designed with the modular interface which is easy to access on mobile devices.

#2. SpeedVPN

It is the best VPN app for Android. It does not require SpeedVPN account opening


  • Unlimited Access to blocked websites.
  • Security against online tracking
  • Plethora of features
  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • 180 minutes reboot

A plethora of features has a low barrier to entry. It improves the browsing experience on Android system. Its interface allows users to connect to the server quickly. Its servers are based in countries’ which do not have cybersecurity restrictions hence making it easy to use on blocked websites. The three-hour reboot feature saves bandwidth.

#3. VPN Robot

It is home for all the core Android features.


  • VPN Robot overlooks location restrictions on websites
  • ISP monitoring is prevented by VPN Robot
  • A limitless number of servers
  • VPN Robot works with Wi-Fi, 3G, and LTE.
  • Unlimited bandwidth

VPN Robot offers online privacy and enables one to the browser at fast speed. It prevents the device from tracking. The servers deliver the fastest browsing speed. VPN Robot enables access to important information that is locked in the concerned geographical area.

#4. Yoga VPN


  • Ability to unlock social media
  • DNS leak technology passed the DNS leak test.
  • limitless  proxy servers in 30 different states
  • WIFI encryption

It offers a limitless browsing opportunity.  Yoga VPN protects enables one to browse anonymously. Yoga VPN improves browsing speed.

#5. Turbo VPN


  • Allows LTE/, Wi-Fi, and all other mobile data carriers
  • Firewalls with VPN proxy server
  • Conceals location
  • Cloud proxy servers

Turbo VPN is secure, stable and easily available. Turbo VPN works with the OpenVPN protocols to protect data through encryption. Turbo VPN ensures that third partied do not taper with security by notorious tracking

#6. Betternet VPN


  • Keeps anonymous connection and privacy by hiding IP address
  • High surfing speeds
  • Encrypted connection
  • Security from public Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Installation not necessary for use.

Betternet VPN offers high-quality internet security.


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