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Browser anonymity for Android Users – Best VPN browser services of the market

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It has been quite a long time since the private browsing option has been prevalent in desktop surfing. It has been adapted to such an extent that every browser comes with this option now. The mobile browsers did not take long to follow the trend and brought in the ‘Incognito Mode’ for most of the famous mobile browsers including Firefox and Chrome. It works exactly as the desktop feature. But this option may not be enough for some users. They seek total privacy throughout the phase of using their android browsers. Thanks to the efforts from the application developing teams, there are many apps in the current market designed to provide their users with a totally secured experience. These apps are called VPN browsers that display a virtual proxy network for your IP address to prevent being tracked.

Why use VPN on Android?

There are a number of added benefits that a user can experience with VPN browser services. Some of the most prominent ones include:

  •    Total anonymity during internet surfing – from opening browser to closing it and all in between.
  •    No browsing history or download logs – no trace of any activity.
  •    IP address can be changed to that of a totally different region – projecting users in a pseudo location that they are not in.
  •    Enhanced speeds for uploading and downloading contents on the internet.
  •    Possibility to break free through all firewalls.
  •    Hassle free, safe and secured internet browsing without leakage of any personal information.

Below mentioned are some of the best VPN for android browsers that are currently available in the market.

1.Express VPN

This VPN browser can serve the value for your money. The team has servers located in nearly 150 different sites supporting over 2000 different servers. Users can bounce their location over 30,000 different IP addresses to maintain total anonymity during internet browsing, irrespective of any browser you decide to use. Users can subscribe for a 15 month service at their exclusive offer of $6.67 per month or get a monthly subscription of $12.95.


  •    The app is very well designed.
  •    Provides excellent speed.


  •    Allows only up to 3 device supports despite the marginally high subscription charge.

2. Nord VPN

This is one of the providers for best VPN for android users. Users can add up to 6 separate devices with one subscription plan in the VPN browser service. With over 5000 servers in 62 different locations, this is one of the best VPN browsers currently available in the android market. Subscription charges can vary from as low as $2.99 to $11.95 per month based on the duration of subscription.


  •    Provides the facility of double encryption for device data for additional security against hackers.
  •    Separate plans for VPN services built separately for non-profits and business organizations.
  •    24X7 client service assistance.


  •    May be problematic to be used with some browsers.
  •    The app is overly basic.

3. Opera

Opera is already quite famous to be the best browser for android among others. It is one of the leading providers of reliable VPN service for android users as well. This app even blocks ads to make mobile browsing experience better for their clients. It analyzes the level of security of Wi-Fi networks and takes steps to encrypt the device data in very short time.


  •    Great performance for high speed network.
  •    Can bounce location up to 5 different areas.
  •    Allows unlimited usage.


  •    There is a delay of the gold subscription in the application.
  •    Customers have reported it to stop working with browsers of low capacity.

4. IPVanish VPN

This app is known to have over 1000 servers located in more than 60 locations. The IPVanish VPN owns more than 40,000 IP addresses to ensure the anonymity of the users to the ultimate level. Each user can use the services in up to 10 separate devices once they pay up the subscription charges. Subscription charges range from $6.5 to $10 based on the type of subscription. The team provides 24X7 supports to the clients.


  •    The apps promote the policy of no logs.
  • The performance is pretty impressive.Cons:
    •    Pretty costly for regular users.
    •    No trial mode available.
    •    No kill switch.

 5. Turbo VPN

  • It is a VPN browser known for its free service of letting users experience the most feel of proxy servers. Known to refresh its proxy lists on a regular basis, this app can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store. This app needs just one tap to get started with, especially for the simple and straightforward interface it comes with, making it the best browser for android VPN services.Pros:
    •    Automatic connection for high speed networks.
    •    Encryption of all phone data.
    •    Access to all locked websites without any issue.


    •    Causes some difficulty with slow speed networks.
    •    Proxy servers for clouds may be a bit confusing during initial usage.


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