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5 Easy Ways to Unblock YouTube in 2019 – This Really Works!

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YouTube is not like any other social media platform with video sharing features. The platform has grown to offer formidable competition for Facebook with regards to a number of visitors. It offers all kind of entertainment, educational materials, streaming services, as well as business components. YouTube allows blocking of users as a security feature for different users. It is a frustrating experience to encounter a white screen because of a block.

Why YouTube block?

It can be an organization or a country with sensors on the internet. A boss may need you to focus on timely deliveries, where the assumption is you waste a lot of time watching YouTube videos. In countries like China, North Korea, and Iran, the governments have completely blocked YouTube. The citizens are not aware of what the world thinks of their style of administration and policies.

In the same way, a school administration can be frustrated by how students waste time and are distracted by YouTube videos instead of focusing on their studies. Different institutions have different policies and are justified to the restrictions; however, people should not be denied information.

The block can either be full or partial. An organization can choose to block access to renowned porn sites for ethical reasons. It can be restricted access to certain company websites that employee access can compromise on strategies. Governments can also restrict access to crucial information, which might interfere with the rule of law.

YouTube itself has a geo-blocking feature that restricts users in a specific region from certain videos or whole access of the site. The feature is for protection of government interests, for instance, a review that only Australians should access. Copyright laws are also part of the YouTube block restrictions.

Whichever reason, YouTube blocking is annoying. Here are some of the ways to access the site.

#1. Modify URL

This is the simplest way to bypass firewalls. It is a common trick when a company network administrator has blacklisted the official YouTube URL. Adding an “s” to “HTTP” can easily bypass the firewall and grant you access to unlimited videos. Modify the URL on the address tab every time you need to access YouTube.

However, the trick has its limitations. The modification will only work on your local network. If specific content is blocked through geo-blocking, URL modification may not bypass such restrictions.

#2. VPN

Virtual Private Network is one of the most reliable ways of bypassing restriction on the internet. VPNs guarantee you anonymous and secure access of content. The fact that your IP address is hidden or modified as per your preference on site you wish to access, geo-blocking policies are easily bypassed. VPN is a secure connection that encrypts your access link. Your device is assigned a virtual IP that hides the original address hence complete anonymity. If the YouTube video is restricted for your location, VPN will assign an IP address in different location hence bypassing the firewall.

VPN is a secure connection that encrypts your access link. Your device is assigned a virtual IP that hides the original address hence complete anonymity. If the YouTube video is restricted for your location,… Click to Tweet

The encryption bars both the network administrator and ISP from identifying your location or content.

VPNs are easily downloadable; installation is fast and easy.

#3. Download videos

Instead of going through the unblocking hassle, you can choose to directly download specific videos on your device and watch them offline. Obviously, the method is a little cumbersome because you will need to know the specific video before downloading.

After you identify a specific video, go to Google and search for the video, paste the URL on YouTube Downloader. This technique is relatively slower but still grants you access to your videos.

#4. Proxy website

Proxy websites work like VPNs; however, they are less secure hence unreliable because your data is not encrypted. Network administrators and ISPs can see the type of content you are accessing. Besides, your personal data is prone to attack by a virus and malicious parties. Nevertheless, proxies still grant you access to blocked sites, a proxy bypasses geo-blocking and all nature of firewalls.

To connect to a proxy, subscribe to online websites that give you temporary access to blocked websites from a different location. Also, you can opt for browser add-ons for a quicker connection. The online options are cumbersome because you will constantly need to refresh the proxy to access a new page.

Manually creating a proxy will grant you unlimited and less frustrating experience because you won’t have to refresh the proxy every time. However, you need technical expertise to configure a proxy.

Both options grant you unrestricted access to YouTube videos.

#5. Tor

Tor hides your IP address hence unrestricted access to websites. The browser is available for free download. While it does not encrypt data, it is effective in anonymous access to YouTube videos and other sites. Your online activity won’t be traced by network administrators because your access link is routed through multiple relays. The main aim of developing Tor was freedom of access to information.  


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