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4 Tested Ways on How to Unblock Facebook Website in 2019

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We all want to check our Facebook account regularly. It is until you find it has been blocked that the enjoyment turns into frustrations. The blocking is especially done at work, schools, or public Wi-Fi hotspots among others. There are also countries that restrict the public from using Facebook to stop the supposed spread of propaganda. Institutions that block Facebook may not want you on social platforms because it will take your concentration off from work. However, you can still finish up on the important work and spare some time on social networking. After all, it is a basic need now. Although the Wi-Fi is blocked at IP level, there can be a way around this restriction. If you want to unblock Facebook, you have a few options at your disposal.

Luckily, you can outsmart the blocks by downloading VPN. This gives you the opportunity to appear as if you were working from elsewhere other than the location of the Wi-Fi. Most importantly, the application is available for Android and iOS apart from your PC. You can get faster connections and more security when logging in with a VPN enabled device.

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#1. Using VPN to Unblock Facebook

This is the easiest and most straightforward way to unblock Facebook website on your device. VPN acts as a moderator between the server site and the user as it camouflages the blocked site from ISPs. This way, you can access them easily. The most popular and reliable is NordVPN and the priciest. It is capable of protecting your private data from hackers by simply encrypting your online activity. You will also be able to prevent snoopy advertisers who are irritating. Most importantly, you will be accessing censored content, unblock Facebook website, as well as other blocked social networks, and stream websites safely at high speeds. Here are the benefits of VPN:

  • Complete online security against malware and hackers common in public Wi-Fi
  • Blocks annoying ads and keeps your data private by hiding your identity from intruders
  • Even while miles away, you can still access your Facebook account without any bandwidth restrictions. The most reliable applications such as NordVPN are known for this.
  • You can use different types of devices to access Facebook securely without worrying about compatibility issues. VPN applications support a wide variety of devices for the users’ convenience.
  • Other services that come with the installation include; dedicated IPs, browser proxy extensions and many others apart from the main app. They all help provide security of your data

For the best results and full utility of the app, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • First, download the software. Browse your preferred brand and hit the download button. Ensure you have the latest version that is compatible to your OS to avoid compatibility issues.
  • Install the software from your drive. If you are using Windows PC, find the executable file.
  • If it is the first time, then select the ‘Tap Virtual Ethernet Adapter’ checkbox and then ‘Next’. Otherwise, just tap ‘yes’ on the pop window to begin installation of the VPN application.

#2. Establish the Connection

After confirming the successful completion of the installation, tap on the VPN icon on your desktop to launch it. Click ‘allow’ to provide the rights for the application on your devices. You will be prompted to enter your credentials before login in. Depending on the type of application, you will see or choose your new location before and wait for it to load. You are now free to use it as you please.

#3. Using IP address to Unblock Facebook

As easy as it sounds, you can unblock Facebook using its IP address. If your system administrator has restricted the use of Facebook, this should not worry you. Simply find the windows hosts file and use the IP address to unblock your favorite social site. Here are the steps

  • Launch command prompt by holding down the windows key and pressing R
  • Key in ‘ping facebook.com-t’
  • Wait for replies to show up on your screen. Here, you will find the IP address.
  • Enter this on your browser to unblock Facebook website. It does not work, go through the process again to obtain another IP.

#4. Modifying the System Hosts File

This is another easy method to learn how to unblock Facebook. You can edit the host file of your computer, which maps the IP address. The logic is to edit it so that windows adjust and redirects or blocks a certain website. This method also blocks program applications and protocols as well. all you need is locate the host file to make it easier to unblock Facebook. This technique works for windows 7, 8, 10, and Vista platforms only. Here are the guidelines

  • Find the required host file: Go to ‘My Computer’/‘This PC’ > ‘C:\’ > ‘Windows’ > ‘System32’ > ‘Drivers’ > ‘etc.’ > ‘hosts’.
  • Double click ‘File’ > ‘Notepad’ > ‘OK’ to find the host file location now. Beware that it is not possible to edit it here.
  • To edit the host file: Go to ‘Start’ > browse ‘Notepad’ > right-click ‘Notepad’ > ‘Run as Administrator’
  • Browse ‘File’ > ‘Open’ > ‘C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc.’ A blank screen will appear prompting ‘No items match your search’.Select the ‘All Files’ option rather than the ‘.txt’ one and tap ‘Open’.

  • ‘Windows’ + R> type ‘www.facebook.com’ > get the IP address.

  • Now, at the end of the host file, type the IP address then the ‘website name’.


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