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Hide Your Online Browser Activities – Top VPN Extensions to Look For

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Cyber crimes have turned out to be an epidemic in current times. That has caused users across the globe to get concerned about their internet security and privacy. The demands for protection against hackers and surveillance teams have brought up VPN extensions. It is the best way safeguard your data and maintain anonymity during all your online activities. And thanks to the rising demand, there is no lack of such protection services on date. Some have come up with applications to bring in added security. Those software programs can encrypt all data in the device and provide sufficient protection against leakage. But that is what adds on to the confusion.

With the rise of so many extensions and software programs, it is becoming more and tougher to choose the right option. The confusion is even more when it comes to choosing between VPN extensions or VPN apps. But it is something that is totally relative to the user. Both the twitches have their own benefits and shortcomings. It is the requirement of the user that will search for the best fit preference among the right options. Though both may sound pretty close, there are variations.

VPN Extensions

A browser extension is generally referred to a program that allows access to additional features by integrating with the respective web browser. It lets users enjoy certain experiences without much extra headache. VPN browser extension is no different. It allows users to enjoy anonymity while browsing the internet on the browser or streaming videos and other media contents. Extensions can be installed very easily. The VPN browser extensions are mostly free or a lot cheaper when compared to the apps designed for similar purpose. They are even easy to use.

Though a lot of users come in getting attracted by these features, there are a few things that they should take care of. It is necessary to choose an extension that actually does work. A lot of fake ones have come up that obviously lack a few must have traits for it to be VPN. The best it can do is providing protection to the user’s browser data. In case of other apps using the internet, data is vulnerable. Reports have come up of malicious extensions who have cashed in all the sensitive information of the user in the name of providing free service. For this reason, we have come up with a list of some of the best VPN browser extensions for internet security:

1. Hotspot Shield Free

Turning on and off your anonymity with this extension for Chrome and Firefox is pretty easy and simple. This VPN extension offers a free plan for users with a daily cap of 500MB data. While performance may vary with the free plan, a subscription surely promises more.

2. Windscribe

The best feature of this extension is it has the ability of blocking ads and social widgets. It keeps users off track and takes care of all cookies alongside rotating their user agent and spoofing the user’s time zone.

3. TunnelBear

This VPN provider has an application as well as browser extension available that users can get to confirm their internet security. The extension is only supported in Opera and Chrome and allows a free cap of 500MB per month to the users.

4. Zenmate

Zenmate VPN extension allows users to enjoy a free solution to all internet security issues. Though there is a limiting cap for the free services, subscribing to any of its premium plans can aid users with many additional features.

5. NordVPN

Though this is just an extension for VPN, it can protect apps on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS as well. They are known to have over 4000 servers in over 60 different countries across the world. Speed, flexibility and reliability are guaranteed with this extension.

6. PureVPN

This extension comes for only Chrome and Firefox users but can be used on a lot of platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Amazon Fire TV Stick, routers and other devices. With over 2000 servers in multiple locations, geography based restrictions of media contents are no more a worry.

7. Opera

Opera was one of the first browser software programs to come up with their own native VPN extension for their browser. Though it is a free extension, it provides unlimited VPN access to the user. It maintains the safety of all the user credentials by hiding it within the virtual folds of the network.

VPN software applications

While these apps can be quite costly in comparison to the web extensions, they can offer more added security to the user. There are quite a few well known applications that you can try out if you are looking for more advanced security from cyber crime and seek total anonymity for all your internet activities. Some of the most widely used VPN applications include ExpressVPN and Globus VPN among many others.


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