Anonymous Browsing for PC, Mac, Android and iOS – Top VPN Browsers for Online Security

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Online privacy is turning out to be one of the biggest notions with each passing day. With that being said, it is of prime importance for users to make sure that their online activities are secured enough. That includes all devices along with the various browser extensions. It is one of their fundamental rights to keep their online identities safeguarded from the multiple agencies of data surveillance including their ISP. It is possible to maintain the online freedom irrespective of their location. This is where the various browser VPNs come into service. In case anyone is planning to subscribe to any VPN services, we have come up with a list of the top service providers across multiple platforms.

What is VPN browser?

There are a lot of VPN browser services that are available in the market. Before going into the details about their benefits and shortcoming, it is necessary to have a fair idea of what VPN basically is. VPN stands for ‘Virtual Proxy Network’ and it is one of the most effective ways to keep your browsing activities protected from foreign intervention. It is not just limited to providing online anonymity but also goes forward to provide data protection services against online hackers for the whole device. This makes it a necessity to opt for VPN browsers to keep your browsing safe, secure and anonymous.

Reasons to use a VPN

When it comes to securing multiple online activities such as video streaming, web browsing and content viewing on unprotected public Wi-Fi networks, it can be a tough job. Deploying a VPN service is the best option to come up with for such causes. This keeps the personal information of the user from the greedy eyes of the hackers and prevents it from leaking. It can also provide preventions against the IP blocked errors of Craigslist.

Furthermore, it also permits the user to enjoy unblocked access to various media contents from the leading libraries such as Netflix, BBC and other. Users can enjoy the media contents that have been released outside their original regions as well. It is very easy to use browser VPN as it can be turned on or off at any moment from any place.

Best browser VPNs in current times

The rise of the demand for VPN browser services has been a bloom, allowing users to safeguard their online privacies. While some VPN browsers are known to be compatible with multiple platforms, some are specifically designed for working on particular platforms. Some of the best browser VPNs that are compatible with any platform includes:

#1. Globus VPN Browser

This application will add an additional security level to enhance the experience of safe internet browsing for the users. The best part of this application is that users can choose the location they want and bypass any contents restricted on the basis of location.

#2. Opera

Opera reputation reaches faster than its name. Users don’t need to download extensions for using it on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It can even block ads.

#3. NordVPN

This is one of the best options for securing browsing through Mozilla and Chrome. This VPN service is known to provide chains of VPN servers to protect the online identity of the user.

#4. TunnelBear

This is quite lightweight with a simple and user-friendly interface. It provides a free version for lite users up to 500MB each month but requires users to subscribe for a higher tier.

#5. PureVPN

PureVPN supports a wide range of apps that can be run on iOS, Windows, Android, TV sticks and many more. It provides one of the most competitive rates for a minimum subscription of two years. It is one of the service providers of best browser for Mac users.

#6. ExpressVPN

If you want to be in 94 different countries for tracers and hackers, ExpressVPN is the option for you. It is known to provide browser extensions for Safari, Firefox, and Chrome alike.

#7. Browsec VPN

This VPN browser provides free and unlimited service to their users. It can even encrypt your traffic and bounce it over multiple locations to maintain your anonymity.

Below mentioned are some of the best VPN browsers for specific platforms other than the ones already discussed above.

iPhone VPN Browser

The most successful VPN browsers for anonymous internet browsing and data security include:

  1.  Windscribe
  2.  Proton VPN
  3.  Hotspot Shield

Android VPN browsers

Multiple services have come up for Android users as well. The top rated choices for Android devices include:

  1. Tenta VPN
  2.  VyprVPN

Windows VPN browser

While online anonymity developed solely for providing security to Windows clients, there are a lot of applications designed for the purpose. The most widely used ones include:

  1. CyberGhost
  2. PrivateVPN

VPN browser for Mac

Users can look to enjoy anonymous browsing and data protection by using the services of best browser for Mac including:

  1. Zenmate
  2. Private Internet Access (PIA)
  3. TorGuard

These are some of the most prominent VPN browsers currently working in the market. Apart from these, many other VPN services are also available. Users are requested to conduct their own research before making the final decision.


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