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How to Unblock Websites at School

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Technology is essential for running the various operations. There is so much online content that is useful to the reader.

Reasons why schools might block access to some sites

  • Some websites provide information that may not be useful to the learners at that particular time.
  • So that the school can’t control the amount of information that the learners have on some particular culture
  • To boost productivity  by limiting the number of disruptions of the students
  • To cut down on the level of online insecurity which may endanger the school resources or taint its image
  • To comply with the country’s authority given that there are rules that

Effects of school blocking sites

In the event that a school site is blocked yet student finds that the site has important educational content, he or she must approach the administration to find out the reason why the site is banned. If the reasons are illegitimate or it happened mistakenly, they will unlock the site for him.

However, if this option is out of reach, then the following procedure will enable you to unblock websites

Beware to mask your identity.

Why use a VPN

A VPN has unique features that mask your identity. This will ensure that you surf anonymously. It moderates the server to unblock all the restricted sites. Unlike WIFI networks, the VPN has no virus threat hence protects your identity and data.

The best VPN for unblocking school sites:

Nord VPN is the best to unblock websites. It offers an uncountable number of browser extensions and IPs. Moreover, it is easy to find and use due to its popularity in the market. This VPN has powerful ad blocker and reliable security for your data. Using this VPN will save time and enable you to browse at higher speeds.

It provides for unlocking of sites and even streams websites.

It also masks scammers who may want to seal your online data. It won’t prompt the installation of unknown software’s. NORDVPN covers all types of operating systems.

Steps in using the NORDVPN to unblock sites

Step 1: Download the software

Go to its website and download NordVPN on your computer. Once the download is complete, browse the computer and let the setup file make the changes on the computer.

Step 2: Install NordVPN

Click the popup window that follows to select ‘Tap Virtual Ethernet Adapter’ .tick the box and proceeds to the next step. Click install

Step 3: Setup NordVPN

The VPN icon will appear on your computer. Launch it and give it the required permissions. Create NordVPN account then log in

Click the ‘Quick Connect’ button on the top corner of the application. After establishing the connection, put the country pin and it will all be done. You can now access all the websites at school

Use TOR browser:

Why use TOR

TOR is a freeware that offers network security and privacy of browsing the web to unblock websites.

It routes online activities through volunteer relays for places to unlock sites. TOR allows the learner to access a high number of proxies.

How to unblock school website using TOR

Download and install tor from the tor website. Click start to run the browser.

Connect to the Tor Network, by clicking Configure’ button connect to the network

After connection with the relay network, a portable Firefox with HTTPs and No Script version gets launched. Use it to unblock websites at school

Use Firefox Portable

It overlooks the use of web extensions. This portable browse can be installed from a portable storage device.

The software runs independently, to route the internet traffic using a proxy server address.

Firefox Portable

How to unblock using Firefox Portable

Note down the proxy IP, IP address and port number. Install the portable browser and download Firefox Portable. Save on the portable storage device.

Connect the device on your computer and launch the installer function from ‘USB drive’ in place of installation source

Set up Firefox Portable

After the installation process, launch the Firefox Portable. Input the port number then IP address of the server. Allow portable Firefox to utilize the anonymous proxy to unblock sites at school.

Try using an IP address

Try using websites numerical signature on the school Internet

Access the mobile version of the site:

Use the mobile Web-enabled version of the school site


Look at the Google cache version of the site that is its indexing with Google’s spiders. , is a precise way to a blocked.  Navigate Google’s home page to use this command:

Use web proxy

The proxy hides your identity on the sites. The Web proxy substitutes its original IP address for you’re the users. You will then be able to visit the blocked sites. It tells the site that you are actually in another country

Translation service

Use sites that offer the translation. The translation tool translates the content on the page to another language thereby unlocking the restricted site.

Use a URL redirector shortening tool

Take a long URL to the browser. Shorten it to a format that’s easier to read and understand. This shortened part is a substitute for the actual URL of the blocked.

Use of an RSS reader

Use RSS to subscribe blocked sites that have RSS feed. search within the reader for the site’s information you’re looking for; RSS readers will also have a list of Popular sites that you can browse through to see if the sites you’re trying to access are fed in.

Convert the IP address to a decimal

You can also convert an IP address to the short number to unblock blocked sites.


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