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Guides for How to Unblock Video Streaming Websites

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Streaming enables video lovers top access their content online at the comfort if their devices. Below are some of the reasons why video streaming may be blocked

  • To prevent copyright infringement where the video content has not been agreed upon with the country and the content owners
  • To limit the exposure of the citizens to less useful information
  • To maximize and Maintaining Productivity, or less the privacy of company data
  • For immigration purposes, if you leave a country, its information remains behind too

Before you embark on unblocking the content, it’s useful to know how states block video streaming

  • Blocking the IP address of the site
  • Blocking or redirecting a domain name from the server
  • Analyses and filter data
  • Completely cut off people from the network

 VPN unblock video streaming sites

What is VPN?

VPN allows an individual to browse anonymously. It hides the location and replacing the users IP address with its own,

Qualities of the VPN to unblock video streaming sites

  • It should not maintain the user’s activity log
  • It should have very high encryption capabilities
  • It should protect from DNS leak
  • It should be able to host numerous servers
  • It should offer limitless high-speed bandwidth
  • It should have a standing 24/7 customer support
  • It should be able to multitask- support all the devices

Choose the VPN you would like to use

Download and install the VPN

By far the best way to install and use a VPN on your unblock video streaming device is by installing a trusted service from the Google Play store. Many, if not most, providers offer custom Android apps.

Download the VPN

After downloading the VPN, check the operating system for the VPN and open it. Click the ethernet adapter-virtual option. Click the next button which will install the software on the device

Install the VPN application

Find the downloaded VPN package using a file explorer select “Install”. Once the app is installed simply open it.

Configure the VPN settings such as PPTP or L2TP/IPsec

Unlock the video streaming site

  • Choose the location. You are well aware of the content you need and the location. Ensure to input the right location in order to access the right content.
  • Choose the remote server.M ost VPN are based on multiple servers. The servers are located in multiple remote locations. Choose the server you’d like to connect to. Clicks save.
  • After successfully logging into the account of the blocked website, select the device that you will be used to unblock the video content.
  • Acquire the password from the blocked video site and use it to launch the VPN.
  • Utilize the selected VPN on the device. It will prompt for the username and email. Follow set-up prompts to add configurations.

Below are some of the VPNs you could use to unblock video streaming websites


They are reliable for unblocking video streaming sites. They have over 1700 servers in different counties. They do not maintain the user’s activity log. ExpressVPN guarantees high performance with


They dominate over 60 counties. Nord VPN does not maintain the activity log of the clients. They also offer high-quality ad blocking technologies. This VPN protects against malware from streaming video streaming. The VPN would simply stream your heart away.


It is the best VPN for unblocking video streaming sites Android. It does not require SpeedVPN account opening. It’s absolutely free to access an unlimited number of video streaming sites. It also prides a lot of plethora features for online use.

It is solely based on a simple interface with time to time reboots which boost performance. After you unblock video streaming, nobody would be able to track your online activity.

Hotspot Shield

It is equipped with high bandwidth.  With limitless location coverage, it assures 100% excellent access into blocked video streaming sites. The high encryption gives limitless online security. It also has the ability to replace the users IP with its own. Lastly, it is a free alternative when you can’t afford the paid VPNs.

Cyber Ghost

It provides high-end encryption and security against data leak


It does not retain personal data. It can also be used in all types of geographical settings. This VPN blocks the ISPs from gathering the information from video streaming and using it.

It can also support multiple devices.

Security while streaming blocked video sites

It requires the aid of a great VPN to get through the streaming of blocked video contents.

Below are the steps for concealing the IP address after unblocking the video streaming sites

  • Use the decimal version of the address
  • Enter the domain name backward
  • Activate the virtual browsing mode
  • Inspect the server and note the IP address

It is advisable that individual who uses the internet daily to stream videos from blocked sites adapt to use of Virtual Private Network, VPN. They create an amazing streaming experience, that of safety from the authorities that blocked the sites online. Your video streaming from the blocked site could land you in serious trouble due to the private information.  A malicious individual could use all tools at their disposal to get the finest personal information. To prevent this from happening, reliable VPN is your solution.


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