6 Ways to Hack Instagram Account Password for Free

Do you wish to do an Instagram hack for free without getting detected? Read this extensive guide on how to hack someone’s Instagram in 6 different ways to do it.9 min

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“How to figure out someone’s Instagram password without them knowing? My daughter is on Instagram all the time and I want to make sure she uses the app thoughtfully.”

This is one of the many queries of concerned individuals who would like to know how their loved ones use Instagram. Being one of the most popular social media apps of the present time, it is already used by over a billion people worldwide. Though, your kids, spouse, or friends might get in trouble using it. The best way to keep a check on them is by doing an Instagram hack to review their activities regularly. Apart from their posts, you can also read their messages and know how they use Instagram. Let’s proceed and learn how to hack someone’s Instagram in 6 different ways.

How to Hack Instagram Account without them knowing (via Spying Apps)

If you don’t want the other user to know that you are tampering with their Instagram account, then consider a spying app. To make it easier for you to do an Instagram account hack, we have handpicked the best spying apps.


Spyzie provides a smart, sophisticated, and user-friendly solution on how to hack someone’s Instagram in disguise. The app is already used by over 3 million concerned individuals and is recently out with a new version – Spyzie 6.0. It is a one-stop destination to spy on every essential detail related to the target device. Since there is no need to root/jailbreak the device, you can use this Instagram hacker without any hassle.

  • The tracker can obtain all the vital details of the Instagram account – including the photos/videos posted, messages exchanged, and more.
  • Apart from Instagram, it can hack other popular IM and social apps like WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Facebook, Messenger, etc.
  • There is also a dedicated keylogger to let you obtain their Instagram account credentials remotely.
  • Get alerts for any suspicious activity and monitor everything in one place with its extensive timeline feature.
  • The Instagram hack app runs in a stealth mode and will make sure that the targeted user can’t detect it.
  • It offers various other features like location tracker, geofencing, remote screenshots, message alerts, app blocker, and so much more.

Spyzie 6.0 has further optimized itself for the latest models of Android devices like Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi, etc. You can learn how to hack Instagram accounts from Android by following these steps:

Step 1: Create a Spyzie account

Firstly, Click below button on any browser and create your account. Enter your email id, set up a password, and get the subscription of your choice.

Free Trail NowAndroid Free Trail NowiOS

Furthermore, you need to select the type of device you wish to hack. Enter some basic details about the owner of the device to complete the setup.


Step 2: Install the Instagram hacker

Now, you are ready to install the password hacker for Instagram on the phone. Just access the target Android device and go to its security settings to enable app installation from unknown sources.


Afterward, launch any web browser and go to the official Spyzie website to download its APK. Tap on the downloaded file and complete the app installation on the device.


Once the app is installed, tap on it to open it and log-in to your own account. Grant the app all the permissions it needs and give it the device administrator access. In the end, you can remove the app icon and let it run in a stealth mode.


Step 3: Do Instagram hack remotely

That’s it! Once the app is successfully installed, go to the web dashboard of Spyzie on any other device. From its left panel’s Social Apps > Instagram option, you can view all the details of their Instagram account.


Apart from that, you can also access the saved photos and videos of the device. You can also go to the Keylogger feature to view every keystroke typed by them and know their account credentials (password and username).



This is another reliable solution to do an Instagram password hack on Android or iOS devices. The only catch is that you need to root or jailbreak the device in order to access its advanced features like keylogger or Instagram hack. Although the app runs in an invisible mode, a lot of smart users are able to detect its presence.

  • Using mSpy, you can view the messages exchanged on Instagram remotely without accessing the phone all the time.
  • You are needed to access the phone at least once to install the Instagram hacker app on it.
  • It has a keylogger feature that can act as a password hacker for Instagram as well.
  • Furthermore, you can also access the stored photos and videos on the device. You can also track their real-time location remotely.
  • To access its advanced features, you are needed to root or jailbreak the device first.

Here’s how to hack Instagram account on iPhone or Android using mSpy:

Step 1: Get an mSpy subscription

To start with, you need to get an active mSpy subscription. Visit the official website of mSpy, register yourself, and buy its subscription.

Free Trail Now7-Days

Step 2: Install the tracking app

Now, you need to access the device and root/jailbreak it once. You can get in touch with an mSpy executive or use any freely available tool to do this. If you have an Android device, then you can directly install the app while iOS users can use a third-party downloader like Cydia.


Once the mSpy app is installed, launch it, and agree to its terms while granting it the needed permissions. To complete the registration, you need to enter a one-time generated code.

Step 3: Use mSpy password hacker for Instagram

After successfully installing the application, you can go to the online dashboard of mSpy to access its features. There is a dedicated feature for “Instagram” to let you spy on the exchanged messages on it.


From the left panel, you can also access the “Keylogger” feature. Here, you can view the saved password for Instagram and easily hack their account whenever you want.



Flexispy is one of the most trusted spying solutions out there, known for its advanced features and an excellent stealth mode. Although, if you are looking for a free password hacker for Instagram, then you might be disappointed. The free version of the tool has limited features and you have to spend a substantial amount to access its premium Instagram hacker.

  • With Flexispy, you can read the messages exchanged on Instagram or view the posting remotely.
  • It can spy on all the leading social platforms as well like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Viber, etc.
  • It has a keylogger feature to let you obtain the Instagram password of the user.
  • The tool can even capture the screen of the device or record calls without them knowing.
  • You need to root or jailbreak the device in order to access its Instagram hack feature.

You can learn how to hack Instagram account of someone using Flexispy by following these steps:

Step 1: Buy a Flexispy subscription

Visit the official website of Flexispy and create a new user account. Log-in to your account and start the installation wizard. You need to enter details about the target phone and buy a relevant subscription of your choice.

Free Trail NowiOS & Android

Step 2: Install the Instagram hacker

Once you have bought a Flexispy subscription, you need to access the target device. Using any third-party tool (or taking the assistance of Flexispy), you can root/jailbreak the device. After that, you can install the tracker app of Flexispy on the phone. Log-in to your own Flexispy account and grant it all the permissions it needs.


Step 3: Start tracking

After completing the initial setup, you can keep the app running on the phone in a stealth mode. To use the Instagram password hack, visit the web-based dashboard of Flexispy. This will let you access their account details, photos, exchanged messages, and so much more.


How to Hack Instagram Account Password via “Forgot Password”

Just like any other social media app, Instagram also lets us reset our password via the “Forget Password” option. If you want, you can also use the same feature to access someone else’s account or even reset their password. Though, in order to learn how to hack someone’s Instagram through this technique, you need to meet these prerequisites:

  • You should know their Instagram username or email id.
  • You should have an access to their phone (for SMS verification) or their email id (for verification mail).
  • If they have enabled two-step verification, then you need to access their phone to get the code.

If you have met the above requirements, then follow these steps to learn how to hack an Instagram account with no download.

1.To begin with, launch the Instagram app on your phone and under the log-in button, tap on the “Get help signing in” option.


2.In order to proceed, you need to enter the username or the linked email id/phone number of the account you wish to reset.


3.Instagram will give you different options to reset the password. You can do it via email or get a verification SMS.

4.If you have selected the email option, then Instagram will send a verification email to the linked account. From here, you can choose to log-in to the account or reset its password.


Alternatively, you can also get an activation code on the registered phone number and use the OTP to reset the Instagram account.

How to Hack Instagram Password with a Phishing Method?

It has been a while since hackers are using phishing techniques to gain access to any social account. In this, a web page which looks similar to the log-in screen of Instagram is created by the hacker. While the screen looks identical to the official Instagram page, the URL would be different. A naïve user won’t notice this and will enter their Instagram account details to log-in. Instead of signing-in to Instagram, the account details are forwarded to the hacker. You can also get any Instagram account hacked by following these steps.

1.Firstly, you need to select a free hosting website. For instance, 000webhost.com is a good and trusted option. You can just visit it, create your account, and log in.


2.Go to your dashboard and tap on the “+” button to create a new web page.


3.The interface will let you upload an HTML or CSS file. Click on the “Upload” button to do the same.


4.Now, you can readily get the HTML/CSS file for an Instagram log-in page. Just download an index file like this and upload it to the server.


5.Once the web page is created, add a new file for the passwords. You can name it password.html and connect it to the page, so that it will store all the entered passwords.


6.After completing the project, you can go back to the home page. From here, you can copy the URL of the phishing page you have created.


7.That’s it! Whenever you wish to hack Instagram password for free, send the link to the target user with a trick message. As soon as they enter their password, it will be forwarded to you instead.


While the solution to do Instagram hack sounds straightforward, its implementation is the key. Most of the smart users are able to detect that it is a phishing attack and will not fall for the trap.

Hack Instagram Account with Brute Force Method

Brute Force is one of the oldest hacking techniques that might work to do an Instagram hack as well. In this, we apply every possible combination of characters till we crack the right password for Instagram. To do this, hackers mostly use a readily available application or code. Sadly, the technique might not work since Instagram will block the account temporarily after several failed log-in attempts to keep it secure. If you want, you can try and learn how to hack Instagram account via the brute force method in the following manner.

1.There are several readily available online tools that rely on Brute Force to hack an Instagram account. To start with, you can simply visit one of these tools like Insta Ripper.

2.Just enter the username of the account you wish to hack and let the application process.

3.It will run a brute force algorithm and will let you know as soon as it cracks the code. In the end, you can simply perform a task to verify yourself and obtain the cracked password.


A Quick Comparison

After learning about 6 different ways to do an Instagram hack, let’s quickly compare the discussed solutions.

  Spyzie mSpy Flexispy Forget password Phishing attack Brute force
Ease of use Extremely easy Moderate Moderate Easy Tough Tough
Results Positive Positive Positive Medium Low Low
Root/Jailbreak needed No Yes Yes No No No
User notification No No No Yes No Yes
Other features Complete spying solution for other apps as well Can spy on numerous other phone details Spying app with tons of other features No additional feature Not secure with no added features Not secure with no added features
Overall rating 9 7.5 7.5 6 5 5

As you can see, there are tons of ways to hack Instagram password for free. Though, not every solution might meet your requirements to do an Instagram hack. If you want to get positive results in less time, then give Spyzie a try. You can follow an easy click-through process to learn how to hack someone’s Instagram and that too without getting detected by them. Feel free to try its demo and get to know more about the leading features that it offers.


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