Free VPN Proxies to Unblock Any Website

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Location base restrictions are common in institutions and workplaces. If you have your favorite websites blocked and need to access them, you have an answer in VPN Proxy. It is designed to protect your privacy as you browse anonymously and access Internet anonymously. You can utilize a free download and save money unlike with a dedicated VPN server. Here, we will explore the differences between the two (VPN and proxy) as we seek to provide more about proxy websites

VPN vs Proxy

Learning this difference is important to form basic knowledge for mastering Internet access use of the proxy. Proxies include web-based, HTTP, reverse, SOCKS, forward, and many more.  They are used to change the original IP address of your connection, allowing you to access blocked websites. Unlike proxies, VPN provides high-level of security using an encrypted later. This shields the user from hackers malicious attackers. Many VPN apps come with no log retained on your browsing data. Proxies, in contrast to this, maintain a history log of browsing activity. This means that they are more secure and bought while proxies are free for download and mostly lightweight

6 VPN Proxies

Since VPN Proxy has grown into a reliable utility for browsers and is free; let us explore more about it here with examples:

#1. is one of the most popular and widely spread VPN proxy available. Every time you are thinking of a proxy VPN, you are likely to mention it as the first alternative. This is a free and easily accessible web-based tool. It can allow you to visit its websites and type the URL you wish to access.

  • Easy to use and has accrued up to 5 million subscribers
  • It is unique in that it does not maintain your browsing log
  • Supports 3 locations (Netherlands, Germany, and the USA)
  • Supports Anonymous IP
  • The premium version has loads of advanced features to explore
  • It is compatible with a variety of platforms such as iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows

#2. Anonymouse

This is the lightweight option of Proxy VPN alternative to try out. It comes with an email client to help you enhance your security

  • Anonymouse supports ad-free surfing and the download of large file sizes
  • Currently, the tool supports only English and German
  • It allows cheap subscription for access to its other features
  • This is a Web-based solution
  • This is an old free proxy website with a huge reputation, which has been used by millions of people already

#3. VPN Book Web Proxy

VPN Book is responsible for the production of the VPN Proxy web tool, which is a reliable solution and easiest to use. There is no more need to perform the free download of use software when you can simply visit the website and use it.

  • Currently, this solution allows users to connect to servers in Canada, US, France, and UK.
  • The tool can support a 256-bit SSL encryption to keep any malicious data away
  • It is compatible with all the leading social media and news websites
  • This is perfect to  help you bypass online censorship of content
  • Platforms supported are all possible options available today

#4. ProxySite

You can choose to protect your identity online with the freely available VPN proxy server. It will let you have access to global content without a dent in your pocket.

  • It supports SSL layer encryption
  • You can easily bypass content filters as you browsing anonymously
  • The tool can support multiple servers in the US, Europe, and is expanding to other regions
  • It is mainly used in browsing social media platforms without any restrictions. They include but not limited to like YouTube, Facebook, Reddit and many more
  • It is a Web-based tool accessible to anyone

#5. Kproxy

Kproxy is a growing proxy around the world with at least 1million people mainly across Europe. It is one of the most trusted free proxy websites available. If necessary, you may also perform the VPN proxy free download for Windows PC also. Otherwise, most people choose to access it on its website

  • Kproxy offers guaranteed anonymity while browsing the web
  • It works extremely well with most of the social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and other vital platforms
  • It supports ads. This means you can get its Pro (paid) version, which is ad-free
  • It is compatible with Chrome/Firefox extensions, and a free tool for Windows PC

#6. Hidester

This VPN proxy is designed to hide your identity to allow your browsing experience to be discreet. To use it, simply visit the website and provide any URL.

  • It provides SSL level proxy support while maintaining 100% anonymity
  • The free version comes with two servers – US and Europe (US version is optimized for China)
  • The tool has been proven as secure and provides a 128-bit encryption
  • There is no need to perform VPN proxy free download
  • You can access VPN proxy of Hidester for free
  • It can be supported by many platforms such as a variety of web-based browsers with a Chrome extension too


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