Facebook Spy Tutorial For Beginners: How to Spy on Any Device in 3 Steps

Learn how to spy on Messenger or Facebook in this informative guide. We have come up with a step by step detailed tutorial to use the best Facebook spy app.5 min

How to spy on someone’s Facebook?

If you are looking for the same solution, then this Facebook spy tutorial would definitely be the perfect guide for you. Facebook is undoubtedly the biggest social media platform in the world, which is actively used by billions. Though, a lot of time, we wish to spy on Messenger or a Facebook account of others due to all kinds of reasons. To do this, you can take the assistance of a working Facebook spy app. In this guide, we will teach you how to spy on Messenger as well as Facebook using one of the most reliable solutions.

Part 1: Why Spy on Facebook Messenger?

Before getting to know about the functioning of a Facebook Messenger spy, it is important to understand the reasons behind using such an app. Chances are that you could be a concerned parent or might be going through either of these situations.

Online Predators

If your child is using Facebook, then you should be alarmed as 50% of the online predators target kids of age 12 to 15. Your kids can easily be manipulated by a predator online and thus, you should definitely keep an eye on their activity.

Cyber bullying

It has been observed that 1 in every 3 kids is cyber-bullied these days. Chances are that your kid might be getting mistreated online, which can affect their psychology. With an FB spy tool, you can monitor their activity and make sure they are not bullied by anyone.

Lack of privacy

While social media is certainly an engaging experience, a lot of kids end up sharing way too much on it. By using a Facebook Messenger spy, you can be sure that your kids won’t end up sharing private details about them (or your family) to a stranger.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is extremely common these days and chances are that someone else might be impersonating you or your kids. They can also be the victim of catfishing as well. A Facebook spy tool will certainly help you regulate this situation.


If you think your partner is involved with someone else or is being unfaithful, then a Messenger spy app would be a must-have tool. You can track their messages and get all the pieces of evidence you need to catch them.

Social isolation

These days, a lot of kids become isolated from the real world and get overly engaged online. With the help of a Facebook spy and tracker, you can keep an eye on their online activity. Some apps will even let you restrict the way they use their devices as well.


Part 2: How does Spyzie Work?

Spyzie is one of the best Facebook spy tools that you can try to track any Android device remotely. It is a complete device tracker that will let you monitor all the vital details of it. Be it the social media use or the saved photos, their live location or the device call logs – you would be able to track it all. Since Spyzie is extremely easy to use, you can spy on Messenger and Facebook instantly without any technical experience.

Free Trail NowAndroid  Free Trail NowiOS

  • Spyzie can remotely track Facebook details of an account – including their postings and every major interaction.
  • It can also be used to spy Messenger app to view all the exchanged messages, the timestamp for every message, and details about the person they have interacted with. It will also store all the media files that are exchanged via Messenger.
  • Apart from Facebook and Messenger, you can also spy on all the other popular social apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat, WeChat, Viber, Line, etc.
  • You can also spy on their call logs, contacts, messages, notes, voice memos, browser history, and so on.
  • The device tracker will let you view all the saved media content on the phone, like their photos and videos.
  • It will also track the live location of the device, letting you get their real-time whereabouts.
  • You can also track their past locations or get instant alerts for check-in and check-out by setting geofences.
  • It also comes with an inbuilt app blocker, so that you can block Facebook, Messenger, or any other app on the device whenever you want. This way, you can control your kid’s addiction to social media.
  • By the use of its keylogger, you can even access their account details without them knowing. Also, you can take the screenshots of the device remotely.

1.2.1 Is it remote and hidden?

Yes – Spyzie is both, a remote and hidden Facebook spy. Once the tracking app has been installed on the phone, you can remove its app icon. The Facebook spy app will keep running in the background in a stealth mode. In this way, the targeted user can’t know that they are being tracked. Also, you can remotely monitor their activity via its web-based dashboard, without accessing the target phone.

1.2.2 Do I need to jailbreak or root the target phone?

No – there is no need to root or jailbreak the target device to use Spyzie. The Facebook spy is fully compatible with all the leading devices, including iOS 12 and Android 9 (previous versions included). You don’t need to compromise with the device or its security to use Spyzie. This includes devices manufactured by all the leading brands like Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, Huawei, Lenovo, Motorola, and other leading firms.

Part 3: How to Remotely Spy on Facebook Messages?

By taking the assistance of Spyzie’s Facebook spy tool, you can easily start tracking anyone’s Facebook messages. If you want to learn how to spy on someone’s Facebook with Spyzie, then simply follow this 3-step solution.

Step 1: Get a Spyzie account

Firstly, in order to access the Facebook spy features of Spyzie, you need to create its account. Click below button on any device and sign-up as a new user. You need to enter your working email id and set up a secure password.

Free Trail NowAndroid Free Trail NowiOS

To proceed, you need to enter details about the device owner and select the kind of phone you wish to spy on. In this case, the target device would be an Android.


Step 2: Install the FB Spy app

Great! After making your Spyzie account, you need to access the target phone at least once. Unlock it and go to its Settings > Security. From here, you can just turn on the option to install apps from “unknown sources”.


Now, launch any web browser and go to your Spyzie’s account on the website to get its latest APK. Download the APK of the Facebook spy app on the device and install it.


Once the app is installed, you can log-in to your Spyzie account by using the right credentials. Also, make sure that you give all the needed permissions to the Facebook spy so that it can run seamlessly.


You are almost there! Now, you just need to activate the device administrator access and start monitoring the phone. If you want, you can remove the app’s icon and let it run in the invisible mode to go undetected.


Step 3: Track Facebook Remotely

That’s all you got to do! Whenever you wish to spy on their Facebook messages, just log-in to your Spyzie dashboard from anywhere. Go to the left panel and select the “Facebook” or “Messenger” option under Social Apps. Here, you can view all kinds of details related to their Facebook activity or chats on Messenger. Also, you can spy on other social apps that are installed on the device as well.


Who knew it would be so easy to learn how to spy on Messenger or Facebook. With the help of Spyzie’s Facebook spy, you can remotely access every vital detail of the app without getting caught. Since it comes with tons of other options, it will certainly meet every device tracking need of yours. From the live location of a user to their social media activity and messages to their notes – you can access it all using Spyzie. Feel free to give it a try and be a vigilant and thoughtful parent or spouse right away.


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