7 Best Anonymous VPN of 2019, Fast, Secure & No Logs

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The role of VPN services is to hide the identity of a user and protect their right to privacy. Their popularity had grown over the years as they become reliable and useful around the globe. More users who do not want to be known or traced are continuously using these tools to remain discreet and safe from online detection. VPNs are the driving force of internet technology where the right to privacy has advanced beyond expectations. VPN providers are equally on the increase thanks to the rising demand among clients. Some of them provide their customers with random or specific IP addresses, while others completely ghost the user to enjoy online anonymity.

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7 Best Anonymous VPN of 2018

#1. iVPN

This may not be one of the biggest, most popular names in everyday discussions of VPN brands but a sure reliable tool, if used correctly. It is hosted in Liberia and does not store any log or data of customers and users on any third party server. This means the designers are committed to completely keep the customers discreet and ghost online browsers. Apart from this complete anonymity, iVPN has one of the friendliest UI with advanced features and a firewall to prevent any leak from network failures.

#2. Windscribe

Windscribe have a reputation of maintaining their reputation. They, therefore, keep their word on the level of anonymity and all promises they give to their clients. With only 3 years in the market, the Canadian company has proved its worth as a competitive part of the solution for discreet browsing. The tool has won awards and received a recommendation for its honor in the way it is run. Most VPN free experts respect this tools because it is committed entirely to the duty of keeping the public free from scrutiny and interference from monitoring.

The best features include; ad-block, BitTorrent, an inbuilt firewall, a server in 11 locations, and other appropriate features. There are no logs recorded and it is available on major platforms. On the other hand, fewer server locations and only 10 GB free bandwidth limit many people from enjoying this service.

#3. Anonymizer

As its name suggests, this is a tool to enhance your anonymity. Although the brand operates under the American law and jurisdiction, they take user privacy seriously. They stick to their strict No Log policy and have maintained it for the past 20 years.  Their most favorable features include; the servers in America and Europe, killer switch, and excess traffic.

More advantages include; no need for logging in and complete anonymous access.

#4. IPVanish

This is a popular anonymous tool built in Florida by the Mudhook Company. It does not keep any user logs at all. The tool offers DNS service with over 950 servers in at least 60 countries. It provides unlimited bandwidth and P2P connection and anonymous torrent access. More advantages include; use of shared IP addresses, auto IP randomization at intervals, and no logs. On the downside, the speed is not as desirable as its competitors are.

#5. Nord VPN

This is one of the most reliable and trusted VPNs around the world. It will let you bypass any kind of restriction easily without a hassle. It has grown into one of the biggest names in the industry because of its focus on customer privacy. The VPN has been used successfully on many occasions and proven worthy of its price. Investing in the Nord VPN gives you a chance to enjoy classic browsing experience protected with 2048-bit encryption. Most importantly, Nord is easy to use and deploy. It is appropriate because it supports OpenVPN, IPSec/IKEv2, and PPTP among other protocols. With this VPN, you can use 6 devices simultaneously meaning you can utilize it with friends.

Apart from the money-back guarantee, the biggest wins that make it sell are the strong DNS switch and kill switch as well as the Bitcoin payment support feature. On the downside, Nord VPN does not serve the same speed to all its users. Speed remains a point of concern among customers.

#6. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is renowned and reputable for its reliable features hence the growth and spread across the globe. It is also one of the longest-serving identity-concealing applications in the industry. It has thrived with high ratings from loyal fans but also critics and Tech sites. With 15000 high-speed servers in at least 94 countries, this brand is poised to retain its reputation. Thanks to its superfast speeds, the servers are responsible for unlimited downloading and stretching. There is, however, no free trial.

#7. AirVPN

This is the tool that popularly goes for the tagline; ‘The air to breathe, the real Internet’. This tool is authentic and loved because it does not keep a record of your online activities. Users can access all their desired sites without restrictions or conditions. The tool uses OpenVPN to establish connections and gives server statistics.

Although it has efficient SSL and SSH tunnels, AirVPN has a poor website layout and incompetent customer care


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